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Ari Stathopoulos

Started coding in the '90s. I studied Sound Engineering & Music Technology in Greece where I still live, but coding and open-source were always a passion and a hobby that finally became a professional focus early in my career.

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I enjoy finding solutions to problems and automating complex processes to make life easier for people. Devoted to making the web a better place for everyone, with a strong focus on web sustainability and accessibility.

As a WordPress Core contributor, Theme & Plugin developer, I also help with the work of the Themes Team.

In my spare time, I try to keep learning, educate myself, and improve my craft. I like to build things away from shiny monitors, enjoy gardening, and volunteer at animal shelters whenever possible.

Sustainable website growth and the role of SEO

Web sustainability is a huge topic and covers a lot of aspects, from design principles to many technical details. Did you know that SEO can actually lower your website’s impact on the web’s carbon footprint? If you want to know more about sustainable website growth and how SEO can help you, then read on! What […]

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Sustainable website growth and the role of SEO