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Outbound links in english WikiPedia now nofollowed as well

A friendly admin of en.WikiPedia, whom I’ve been talking to on several occasions about spam on WikiPedia, has just informed that because of another big SEO contest, Jimbo Wales has ordered “nofollow” to be placed on all outbound links on en.WikiPedia. In my opinion, this is great news, as it will reduce the amount of…

Contextual links for sale

No, I’m not saying you can buy links on this blog, I’m talking about an exciting new project my friend Jeff Behrendt over at Aviva directory has launched together with V7N’s John Scott.

You can add your URL’s to DMOZ again!

DMOZ has now fully recovered from the enormous crash, as you can now suggest your own sites for the directory again! So feel free to go in there and add your URL’s :). Update: not completely recovered, you still can’t apply to become an editor.

Sortable table v1.5

I’ve just updated my sortable table script to version 1.5, in which it is fixed to work in Safari for Mac OS X 10.4 as well, (I didn’t even know that it wasn’t working in there since it always worked in the nightly). I’m now taking new feature requests for this script, so hit me…

FeedBurner history comparison

When I was working on my FeedBurner history graph tool, I thought it would be cool to be able to display the growth of a blog relative to some other blog as well, so i came up with the idea of “just” plotting a few other lines next to each other, showing how they performed…

36 high quality links for 1 dollar

If you have a high quality design on your site, getting a few good links just got easier. Spencer Akers built a tool called CSS Submit, which automatically submits your site to dozens of CSS galleries. If your design is decent, it WILL get in, and you will get some high quality links from it.

AdSense affiliate marketing

I guess we all expected it to be coming one day or the other, CPA AdSense, CPA meaning Cost per Action. SeekingAlpha reports they were invited to test this. When you look at it, this is affiliate marketing…

FeedBurner down?

As I logged in to my Mint stats this morning, I saw that FeedBurner had registered 0 feedreaders for both and Now I know for a fact that that isn’t true, and indeed, one the support forums it seems that more people have this problem. Update: it seems this problem was solved within…