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I have a Master’s degree in Pedagogical Sciences, which can be best understood as developmental psychology. As a behavioural scientist, I’m interested in how people interact with our products, services and how they view our brand as a whole. I’ve worked at Yoast before, and have now rejoined as a Partner and CCO. I’m obviously very happy to be back!

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I’m married to my lovely wife and together with our son and daughter we live within walking distance from the Yoast office in Wijchen. I enjoy watching Netflix, drinking beer and meeting up with friends.

Optimize product images for your online store

23 December 2020 | 6 Comments | Thijs de Valk

Product images can make or break your online shop’s success. You can hire the best designer in the world to create a killer design, but when images are bad, sales will be bad. It’s the first thing a customer will look at. In this post, we’ll go over a number of things you need to consider when […]

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Optimize product images for your online shop

Sliders suck and should be banned from your website

10 September 2020 | Thijs de Valk

Five years ago, we wrote about why we really don’t like sliders. We still don’t like sliders. If your theme forces you to include a slider (also named carousels) on your homepage, please realize that it’s making you use a feature that has no value for SEO. A feature that is probably slowing down your site […]

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should i use sliders or carousels

How to optimize a landing page for users

Landing pages are a very important part of your website. And if you optimize them, you can really boost your conversion rate. Obviously, you should tailor this page to your preferred audience, but there are a number of things that go for all landing pages. In this post, we’ll go over some best practices to […]

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landing page in digital marketing

5 SEO quick wins to implement right now

We all want to increase our sales, lift engagement, and get the best possible result out of our website. Wouldn’t it be great to have a quick and easy list of things you can do right now to improve your SEO? This five-step rocket of SEO quick wins will help you kick-start your website! Here […]

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SEO quick wins

What are dimensions and metrics in Google Analytics?

14 May 2018 | 7 Comments | Thijs de Valk

Anyone who has browsed through Google Analytics should have come across a whole lot of variables in the reporting stats. The reports consist of dimensions and metrics; Google Analytics calls these the building blocks of your reports. And if you want to create a custom report in Google Analytics or Google Data Studio, you have complete […]

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Google Analytics

Thijs likes to talk about Yoast SEO, ecommerce SEO and user experience.

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