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Patrick Kuijpers

I was born in Nijmegen (about 10 minutes from the Yoast office) in 1984. I studied ICT at the ROC in Nijmegen. After graduating, I started working in that field. In my spare time, I dabbled my feet into SEO and affiliate marketing and noticed I was having way more fun doing that than I ever did with doing my regular work. So after years of doing SEO on the side as a hobby I made the decision it was time for a change and really schooled myself on the subject. I found a job as an SEO, but I wanted to grow and learn even more.


Since May 2015 I’m part of the Yoast SEO team and I love the diversity of the websites I encounter, picking them apart piece by piece trying to give the website owners valuable information on how to improve their website and get better results.

In my spare time, I like to spend time with my girlfriend Silvia, watch a lot of series and movies, play darts and I sing along with almost any song known to men even if I don’t know the lyrics.