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Maartje van Erp

For a long time, I had my eyes set on becoming a primary school teacher. Unfortunately, my first year of study made me realize this was not the right track for me, so I decided to switch to Cultural Studies. However, education always kept a special place in my heart.

After several jobs on the side and some voluntary projects, I ended up at a large retail company in equestrian equipment. Here, I specialized in content writing and translating. Horse riding never really became my thing though.

2017 turned out to be the year of new adventures. In May, my daughter Myra was born. Only a few weeks later, my boyfriend Jesse started working at Yoast. Over a short period of time, things went very fast and the company grew rapidly. Two more jobs were created at Yoast Academy. It was Jesse who told me this was an opportunity I had to seize with both hands. At Yoast Academy I can finally do something that lies close to my heart and that I’m good at as well. Our team works very hard to create meaningful new courses for both SEO beginners and experts.