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Omar Reiss leads development at Yoast. He keeps track of the development processes and is responsible for the software architecture. His mission is to continuously deliver high quality software together with the Yoast development teams and the wider community of open source contributors.

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On the WordPress UI library choice: extensibility over interoperability

25 September 2017 by Omar Reiss » - 2 Comments

In the upcoming weeks, WordPress will choose a UI rendering framework. I’ve heard many claims plugin / theme developers will still be able to use whatever they like, regardless of what WordPress chooses. I think we shouldn’t count on that, nor should we focus on providing interoperability at this point. Instead we should focus first »


The road to internal linking suggestions in Yoast SEO 4.0

13 December 2016 by Omar Reiss » - 1 Comment

We’ve created the fastest related posts ever

5 December 2016 by Omar Reiss » - 32 Comments

Related posts

When we say “related posts for WordPress“, we say “bad performance”. Without using an external service like ElasticSearch, it’s practically impossible to have related posts work fast in WordPress. That’s why we’ve always stayed away from including any related posts plugin on our site. It’s also the reason we haven’t tried to come up with a solution ourselves before. In the »

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Why every developer should read Plato

27 October 2016 by Omar Reiss » - 2 Comments

Why every developer should read Plato

At WordCamp Milano, I gave a talk with the enticing title Why every developer should read Plato. The short answer to that question: to learn Socratic thinking. In this post, I will share some of my personal journeys as a philosopher in software development. In doing so, I will also introduce a few philosophical concepts that might help you »

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Saving time with git hooks

14 December 2015 by Omar Reiss »

web content accessibility at yoast

Git hooks are small executable scripts that provide a way to trigger actions on different points in a git workflow. At Yoast we’ve found multiple use cases, including regeneration of autoloading classmap, codestyle checks and asset minification.


YoastSEO.js design decisions

4 November 2015 by Omar Reiss »

Yoast SEO plugin

In the upcoming 3.0 release of Yoast SEO (for WordPress), we’re moving the entire content analysis from the server to the client side. This way our users can get instant feedback on the content they’re writing, while they’re writing it. In the past six months we’ve been working hard on a JavaScript library called YoastSEO.js »


Yoast SEO: Developer Beta

8 October 2015 by Omar Reiss »

Yoast SEO plugin

Today we’re releasing a developer beta for the upcoming release of Yoast SEO for WordPress, containing the long anticipated real time content analysis functionality. The release is provisionally scheduled for november 2nd and will include native support for shortcodes. At the same time we had to break backwards compatibility for multiple filters. That means we really »