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5 tips to write readable blog posts!

29 March 2016 by Marieke van de Rakt » - 13 Comments

Writing a readable blog post

Reading from a screen can be hard. If you want your readers to read your entire blog post, you should make sure your post is easy to read. Posts that are nice and easy to read will result in more returning visitors and a higher conversion rate. In this post, I’ll give five tips on »

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Yoast SEO plugin tutorials

24 March 2016 by Marieke van de Rakt » - 13 Comments

Yoast SEO

Do you encounter any difficulties configuring your Yoast SEO plugin? Want to know more about all features and settings of the Yoast SEO plugin? We have great news for you! Joost made a series of Yoast SEO plugin tutorials for every tab on every page of the Yoast SEO configuration pages. A playlist of a total of 33 »

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Social Media Strategy: where to begin?

17 March 2016 by Marieke van de Rakt »

how to determine a social media strategy

Social media are a necessary part of any marketing strategy, but they should also be a part of your SEO strategy. As social media become more popular, Google and other search engines can’t ignore them any longer. Tweets and Facebook posts don’t get the highest rankings in Google, but Facebook pages and profiles for sure »

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Launch of a new eBook: Blog SEO

15 March 2016 by Marieke van de Rakt » - 12 Comments

Blog SEO eBook by Yoast

As of today you will be able to buy our latest eBook: Blog SEO. Blog SEO is our most extensive eBook (containing 225 pages) in which we cover all SEO aspects needed for everyone owning or maintaining a blog. Our eBook can be read from cover to cover, giving you everything you need to know »

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Images for blogs

10 March 2016 by Marieke van de Rakt » - 17 Comments

From a SEO perspective, the text on your blog is most important. However, images for blogs are really important in getting your audience to read your post. A post with a nice photo or illustration will receive lots more attention on social media. In this post, I’ll explain the importance of photos and illustrations and »

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Basic SEO training: don’t over-optimize

basic seo training video - don't overoptimize

In our Basic SEO training we’ll teach you all about keyword research and how to create great content around those keywords, to make your website rank. On top of that we explain what NOT to do! Keyword stuffing is one of those things. In this Basic SEO training video fragment we explain shortly that your shouldn’t over-optimize: Can’t view »

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Coming soon: Blog SEO eBook

Blog SEO eBook by Yoast

In two weeks we’ll release a brand new eBook: Blog SEO. This eBook will be the most extensive one we’ve published so far. Our Blog SEO eBook contains all information necessary to optimize your blog to the fullest. It’s a must read for anyone owning or maintaining a blog. SEO theory specifically for blogs Blog »

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How to handle comments on your blog

23 February 2016 by Marieke van de Rakt » - 30 Comments

blog post comments

When blogging regularly, people will start responding to what you write. Maybe not right away, but as your blog is growing, you’ll have to deal with comments on your blog. Especially when you write about your worldview or opinions, some people will disagree with you. You’ll therefore have to deal with the responses and opinions »

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Basic SEO training: product page optimization

22 February 2016 by Marieke van de Rakt » - 3 Comments

If you’re the owner of an online shop, you’d like your visitors to click that ‘Buy’ button on your product page. In our Basic SEO training we teach you how to optimize the usability and conversion of your product pages. In this Basic SEO training video fragment Thijs shows an example of a good product page and explains what’s so great about »

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Managing a growing blog: content planning

11 February 2016 by Marieke van de Rakt » - 9 Comments

As your blog gets bigger and attracts a larger audience, content writing becomes content planning and content managing. On larger blogs, a team of authors usually works together. Blogs are written by individual authors, but these authors still have to work together. Otherwise, a blog with the exact same topic could appear twice. Or, authors could »

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