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So long, OpenDarwin!

So OpenDarwin is now officially dead, or well, dying. WebKit had already decided to move off of it, so I knew my connection to it would be ending soon, but the admins and the core team have now decided to shut it down entirely. I think that OpenDarwin had been dying for a while now,…


Posting will be low for a while, here and on, as my girlfriend has given birth to our first son last friday. His name is Tycho, he’s healthy and wonderful, as is my girlfriend :)

Short note: FeedBurner

Just a short note to let you all know that I’ve switched the feed to a FeedBurner feed, it should work automatically, if it does not please tell me in the comments. I’ve switched it because FeedBurner can give some pretty cool stats on feeds, which could be useful in the future. blog

Well, this is the last post that i’ll file under CSS3 here. I’ve started a blog on where i’ll move all of my css3 activites. Some other people have joined me and i’m very excited about everything that’s gonna be happening there.

Email Your WordPress Commentors

Shoemoney made a perl script to mail his WordPress commentors. I thought this was a great idea, but it needed to be easier to do :). I’ve quickly hacked up a php script to do this, if you put it in your wp-admin dir, you should be able to use it right away. You need…

I moved over my CSS3 section to it’s own domain, since it seemd as though my site was slowly becoming a wrapper around those pages. It’s now on, which in my humble opinion was the best URL i could have gotten for it. Feel free to digg, bookmark or link it, and give any…

Media Queries work in WebKit!

There’s a new feature in the WebKit nightlies: media queries. Media queries allow you to “query” the user agent for some of it’s specifics right from within the CSS, and match your CSS to that. I have a media queries page in my CSS3 section, which shows some examples of it’s use. One of the…

Resize in WebKit!

So in the latest WebKit nightlies we have a new CSS3 feature: resize. It allows resizing of any box, very useful for textarea’s and other cool stuff. Ofcourse i immediatly added a page on it in my CSS3 Preview section.

CSS3 section: multi-column layout

Jason Harrop mailed me today, congratulating me on the digg, and telling me about the multi column extension he created for Firefox. Multi-column layout was already planned as an extra addition to my CSS3 section, but this pushed it up the list a bit. So here it is: multi-column layout in CSS3. This is one…