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More sortable table fun!

I’ve been improving the sortable table javascript a lot in the past days, loads of bugs have been fixed, and I’ve set up a small email newsletter to those interested, if you’d like to be included in that, here are signup instructions. Let me know what you think about this script and how I could…

Update to sortable table script

Ok, i’ve fixed one hell of a bug in the table sorting script which must have been in there for at least 2 months, screwing up sorting incredibly, sorry for that. I added in a new feature as well, you can now have dates formatted as 01-Jan-1970, and it will sort these right as well.…

Statistics detector part II

A while ago I started writing my Greasemonkey script to detect statistics programs, this script has been evolving since, and now has gotten it’s own page, so check out the Greasemonkey statistics detector. If you find any statistics programs it doesn’t recognize, please do let me know so I can update it. Update: I added…

W3C Validator API

The W3C announced the release of an API for the HTML validator or rather, that’s what they call it. In fact, it’s nothing more than an output filter on their normal validator output, which gives SOAP 1.2 conforming output. It requires a HTTP request though, which makes it a rather funny “API” to deal with.


So last weekend I installed PHP5 on my server, to finally be able to do some new stuff, and this, it seemed, created some trouble with my SEO scripts that used NUSOAP. What is the problem? Well it’s easy: PHP5 has a soapclient built in, and this causes trouble :).

Why you should check Google suggest

In the new Firefox 2, Google suggest is incorporated into the search block in the top right of your browser. This new box CAN have quite an important effect on the way you should optimize your site. I’ll show you why with an example.

Launching a new blog? Get it right in one turn

My friends over at Aviva Directory have written another excellent piece of content: a list of 21 tips to launch your blog. Now I’m not saying I’m doing it all right, but I should be, and so should you. The list they made consists of 6 parts: The First Impression RSS & Subscriptions Social Bookmarking…

Note to Mint users

If you’re a Mint user, you might want to add the new as a search engine to your Mint config, since otherwise Mint won’t recognize these referrers as a Search Engine.The process is quite easy:add the following lines to the end of your engines.php: $SI_SearchEngines[] = array( ‘name’ => ‘’, ‘url’ => ‘’, ‘domain’…