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SEO Link Analysis Firefox Extension

Remember that Greasemonkey script that I recently updated? Well, maybe you should just forget about that… I’d been working on a version of that script which works on Yahoo Site Explorer and MS Webmaster portal too, and now I’ve gone even one step further: I’ve bundled the three of them, and turned them into a…

Link Value Factors

Wiep has done some great SEOmoz style link value survey: Link Value Factors. Among those surveyed: Aaron Wall, Eric Ward, Debra Mastaler, Jim Boykin and my Dutch friends Peter van der Graaf, Martijn Anschutz, Andre Scholten, and ow yeah, me, of course ;)

Blogging at Google Tutor

I’ve started guest blogging over at Google Tutor this month, and I’ve already written two posts, and one tool: Post: New Tool – Simply Advanced Google Search! Post: Google Chart API Tool: Simply Advanced Google Search I hope you enjoy them (too)!

MSN / Live Messenger problems

More than a few of you have complained that when at work, my MSN Messenger kept siging out and back in again. After having cursed at it again for several times this morning, I decided it could not be my connection, so I started looking around for what it could be.

Personalized search disabling not working?

I always use my own plugin to disable personalized search when searching Google, both in Dutch and in English. Now I was doing one of my fvorite queries: [webdesign nijmegen], and I found my site for AlthA at #1, so I showed it to a friend, and he saw another site at #1, and mine…

Blog Tag: When I’m not doing SEO…

So Barry tagged me in this new meme “When I’m not doing SEO…”, which was started by Shimon Sandler, in which I should tell what I do when I’m not doing SEO… Now that’s a hard one. I code a lot, and work on, but I guess that doesn’t count.

More SEO Blog tips

Aaron & Giovanna have a nice write-up about SEO tips for your blog today, which is a whole lot broader then my WordPress SEO guide: The blogger’s guide to SEO. Check it out! (And while you’re at it, digg it!)