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Blogging at Google Tutor

I’ve started guest blogging over at Google Tutor this month, and I’ve already written two posts, and one tool: Post: New Tool – Simply Advanced Google Search! Post: Google Chart API Tool: Simply Advanced Google Search I hope you enjoy them (too)!

MSN / Live Messenger problems

More than a few of you have complained that when at work, my MSN Messenger kept siging out and back in again. After having cursed at it again for several times this morning, I decided it could not be my connection, so I started looking around for what it could be.

Personalized search disabling not working?

I always use my own plugin to disable personalized search when searching Google, both in Dutch and in English. Now I was doing one of my fvorite queries: [webdesign nijmegen], and I found my site for AlthA at #1, so I showed it to a friend, and he saw another site at #1, and mine…

Blog Tag: When I’m not doing SEO…

So Barry tagged me in this new meme “When I’m not doing SEO…”, which was started by Shimon Sandler, in which I should tell what I do when I’m not doing SEO… Now that’s a hard one. I code a lot, and work on, but I guess that doesn’t count.

More SEO Blog tips

Aaron & Giovanna have a nice write-up about SEO tips for your blog today, which is a whole lot broader then my WordPress SEO guide: The blogger’s guide to SEO. Check it out! (And while you’re at it, digg it!)

WordPress SEO – The beginner’s guide

Increase search engine traffic to your WordPress blog with one night’s work! Imagine having the search engine traffic to your blog increased by tens of percentages, or perhaps even doubling it, by just a few hours work. With putting just a bit of SEO effort into your WordPress you can increase your search engine traffic,…

Matt, Adam, Please let me report linkspammers!

Hey Matt Cutts and Adam Lasnik, I’ve got an idea on how you could help me report people who want to do foul link exchanges to you. What about creating an email address, to which I can forward all those automated emails with subjects like “Quality PR5 linkswap”, so you can just ban all of…