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Heroes coming to Holland

In the coming few weeks, a couple of my friends and heroes are coming to Holland! First, Kris Jones from (founder of Pepperjam, currently CEO of ReferLocal) is coming to do the keynote at Affiliate Dag 2008, the very first Dutch affiliate conference with over 500 people registered already!

Online Reputation Management e-book

Glen Allsopp from ViperChill released an e-book this weekend on Online Reputation Management, and I have to say, it’s an incredibly good read. We do quite some reputation management at Onetomarket, but I’d have a hard time writing it down as good as Glen has done, keeping it a fun and good read. Donna, who…

Strike Point Co-Host

I co-hosted Strike Point with Mikkel yesterday, here’s a link to the show: Was Yahoo Immature in Microsoft Takeover Bid. We discussed the Yahoo! / MicroSoft stuff of course, IndexTools and sitelinks. I think it was a pretty good show, so go get it!

Traffic estimation with Google’s traffic estimator

I was reading Aaron’s excellent post on the value of a #1 ranking in Google, and decided to do a quick check on one of my most important keywords in the Google traffic estimator, vs. Google Analytics, and I was once again astonished by how incredibly bad the estimator data is when noone is bidding…

Blog Metrics 1.0

I finally found the time (while I should be doing other things) to upgrade my Blog Metrics plugin and release it for all of you to enjoy. It now shows the standard deviation on most metrics and comes with a widget!

Enjoying SMX München

I’m enjoying SMX with my colleagues Evert, Nina and Roy. The presentations went well, and the off-conference part was great too. Refined Labs, Thomas Bindl’s outfit, threw a great party yesterday evening, while launching their new bid management tool Refined Ads, which looked pretty damn good!