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Jono is a digital strategist, marketing technologist, and full stack developer. He's passionate about technical SEO, emerging technologies, and brand strategies. He can often be found speaking at conferences, prototyping new software ideas, and rambling on Twitter.

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Jono reviews: Cats Protection

19 September 2018 by Jono Alderson » - 8 Comments

Jono reviews

SEOs are, more often than not, “cat people”. That’s no surprise, given that we spend a lot of time online, and given that The Internet Is Made Of Cats. That’s why the first website which I’m looking at in this series belongs to the Cats Protection charity – a UK organization dedicated to feline welfare. I’m going to explore »

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The ultimate guide to the meta robots tag

12 June 2018 by Jono Alderson » - 11 Comments


With the meta robots tag you can control what search engine spiders do on your site. Learn what it does right here!

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Advanced Technical SEO: How social image sharing works and how to optimize your og:image tags

30 April 2018 by Jono Alderson » - 15 Comments

Optimize product images for your online shop

Optimizing how your content looks when it’s shared on third-party platforms like Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp can drive improved visibility, clickthrough, and conversions. But it’s not as simple as just picking a great image… When you share a URL on Facebook, Twitter, or other platforms, they’ll typically show a preview of the page, with a »

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