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Nolle Groen

My name is Nolle and I’m a developer with a passion for design. I wrote my first lines of code as a freelance webdesigner. The developers I worked with couldn’t quite get the design right and often I was forced to fix the styling myself. Well, it kind off snowballed from there and here we are: I’m almost comfortable calling myself a real programmer!

Something that has always stuck with me is the phrase ‘the best code is no code at all’. I first heard it from a very smart guy when I was starting out and while I didn’t quite understand it then, I now try to program by it every day. Following the principle of being as DRY as possible eventually led me to fall in love with a functional style of programming. If Code is Poetry, then functional programming is Shakespeare.

In my free time I like making music, walking my dog Keal and riding on my motorcycle.
At Yoast I work with the Components team to push our React components to the next level.