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Maarten Leenders

After a brief stint as student of Applied Physics, and a slightly longer detour as a Psychology student, I ended up doing a master in Neuroscience. After that, I worked as PhD-candidate, and investigated brain functions in yound and old adults during attention and memory tasks. I am currently still finishing up that research in my spare time, in hopes of attaining a PhD title.

Fun as research was, the thing I liked most was actually programming the analyses. While contemplating whether a career-switch to IT and development would be possible, Irene encouraged me to apply at Yoast. After a first meeting, I was already sure that this is where I wanted to work: everyone at Yoast is very friendly and understanding, and (important for a new developer) very patient while I learn how to develop. I’ve now worked at Yoast for more than a year, and am working on projects such as the MyYoast customer portal and Yoast Academy. I’m very happy with what I’ve learned so far, and am curious to see what else I will learn in the upcoming years.

I live together with my girlfriend in Nijmegen, a city close to Yoast’s HQ in Wijchen. In my spare time I try to be the best butler I can be for my two cats, play as many boardgames from my collection (which admittedly is expanding too fast) as I can, and dabble in some videogames. I also occasionally go outside.