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Chris van Leth

Hi, my name is Chris and at the time of writing, I’m 32 years old. I’m a mom of three with a fourth on the way. I’m married to Brenda. And I have two dogs. I love to cook, play board games and go out for dinner with my family.

I’m one of Yoast’s facility employees. Among other things, I make sure everyone can enjoy their lunch. On Tuesdays, I arrange for a nice snack to celebrate dikke-dwaze-dolle-dinsdag or crazy-big-fat-Tuesday. Of course, we compensate that day of snacking with a healthy Thursday where I make salads or soups.

I really hate frogs, they’re my biggest fear. My favorite food is risotto and good soup. And I will never say no to a piece of pie. But I will say no to Brussels sprouts or spinach.