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Arnoud Thörig

I started working with computers in the early 80's. The time that making your own computer was cost efficient. After dropping out of the University of Nijmegen as a math student, I started working for a ISP in Nijmegen. Where I worked in the positions from support desk to windows hosting engineer & developer.

After 14 years I left, to switch to the first FTTH (FTTB) ISP in the Netherlands, located in Eindhoven where I worked as a SR system engineer, SR system design engineer to team lead IT operation’s after 7 year the company closed and I joined Yoast in Februari 2019 as a DevOps Engineer and I’m looking forward to work together with a great team.

I’m the lucky father of two wonderful boys I have together with my wife Maayke. In my spare time I like te build LEGO with my children. In general I like to build al kinds of stuff like my own 3D printer, kitchen, model cars……………………