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Alain van Schaik

My name is Alain, I’m the father of a son (Quinn) and partner of Willemien. Since June 2018, I joined the Facility team as Team lead facility.

Before that, I worked in shipbuilding for 24 years, where I managed the department for aluminum / stainless steel. For the most part, I was dotting the i’s and doing everything I could to ensure that the newly-built vessels were completely in order when they were being transported.

My hobbies are doing jobs around the house and gardening. In the meantime I’ve completely rebuilt 2 houses and I’m always working on something in and around the house. I can’t stand mess and I like to keep it brief and to the point. Furthermore, I love to joke and I like to help people (except when Willemien is mucking out the horse stables).