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After graduating as a Master of Arts in 2011, I quickly turned my passion for visual arts and interactive storytelling into my profession. I worked for a few game development studios before going freelance under the name Hedgefield, where I continued making illustrations for clients as well as designing and developing my own game projects.

After several years in the games business, I longed back to making pure illustrations; things that didn’t need to be sliced up in a million layers for some art pipeline. Then I saw the job opening at Yoast, and with web design being another interest of mine, working here seemed like a no-brainer.

I started by drawing illustrations for blog posts and eBooks, but as I got to know the company better I found more opportunities to apply my other skills, and transitioned towards focusing on UX and UI design. Together with the development team, I aim to create a better, more unified experience for all Yoast products, so that our customers can spend less time worrying about the technical details, and more time pursuing their passions.

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