Jono Alderson

Jono is a digital strategist, marketing technologist, and full stack developer. He's passionate about technical SEO, emerging technologies, and brand strategies. He can often be found speaking at conferences, prototyping new software ideas, and rambling on Twitter.

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I remember vividly, how at the age of 13, I taught myself HTML over a weekend. I immediately fell in love with the web. In the years which followed, I built more websites for small businesses than I can count. In those days, that meant splicing images and nesting HTML tables.

I became obsessed with improving and perfecting my code, and increasing performance through code improvements. Every new project was an opportunity to tweak and test my approach to alt attributes, accessibility standards, and semantic markup. I was doing technical SEO before I even knew it was a thing.

My first exposure to the world of business and ‘grown up SEO’ was I joined a small digital marketing agency. We grew into a big team of SEOs, PPC’ers, analytics folks and more – and I learned a ton about business, strategy, and other technologies and channels.

I’m still a technical SEO and a developer at heart, but I came to understand that, to do good SEO, knowing how the mechanics of the thing work isn’t enough. As I’ve explored and overcome challenges with websites, businesses and technologies, I’ve become a strategist, consultant, a public speaker, and even a hobbyist futurologist. I’m still on a journey, too, and excited to see what comes next. I’m obsessed about learning new skills!

Now, I’m comfortably ensconced at Yoast HQ, where I ramble about ideas I’ve had, flail my arms around, get up on stage occasionally, and distract people in Slack. When I find out what I’m actually meant to be doing, I’ll update this bio.