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Iris Guelen

Hi! I'm Iris Guelen, the Content Lead at Yoast, and I have over 5+ years of expertise as a digital content specialist. With a master's degree in Communication and Persuasion from the Radboud University, I play an active part in shaping Yoast's content strategy.

As the Content Lead, I’m in charge of driving Yoast’s content strategy. My mission? Making sure our audience gets top-notch content through email, social media, video, and more. I believe in a seamless approach that ties into our overall marketing strategy – it’s all about unity! I’m also responsible for everything around customer retention. Driving the implementation of online strategies to retain our valuable customers: boosting retention is a key focus for me!

To achieve this, I manage a team of talented content professionals. I guide and support them to achieve their goals while fostering their growth and development. Together, we’re always looking for ways to improve the Yoast user experience.