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I have a big interest in how people behave and especially, how groups of people behave. That's why I have my Masters in Sociology. After graduating, I worked for a market research company. As a market researcher, I conducted a lot of (customers satisfaction) surveys, always using behavioral science as a basis. I helped businesses with their need to find out more about their audience. Conducting surveys is a great tool to get to know the strong sides and weaknesses of a company through the eyes of their customers. After working for more than 2 years in offline marketing, I needed a new challenge and found this at Yoast. The focus on online marketing is what drew me to Yoast. I started working at Yoast as a review consultant in November 2013 and I rapidly found out that having a sociological background really helps when learning about SEO and the way Google behaves. Because Google’s algorithm is based on the way they think people behave on the internet.

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I’ve analyzed and helped over 300 websites with their SEO. It’s my strength to find out what visitors expect from a particular website. That really comes in handy because often, websites don’t meet their visitor’s needs. I see it as my mission to give people a website review that’s practical and easy to understand.

After being an SEO consultant for a couple of years, I turned my focus to Research. Analyzing data in Google Analytics, doing SEO research and conducting customer research surveys.

I live near Nijmegen with my daughter. In my spare time I love to sing and love taking on DIY projects to make my home more cozy and organized.

How to do a one-page analysis in Google Analytics

I often get a request from our Blog team about one of their pages. Sometimes they want to know if the page has gotten more pageviews or they notice something weird and they want me to find out what’s going on. And this time they wanted more insight in the performance of one particular page. […]

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Create your first report in Google Data Studio

When working with Google Analytics, you do not always want to stick with just a secondary dimension. Sometimes, you also want a third and fourth dimension. But in Google Analytics’s standard reports, that’s not possible. And the custom reports you can create in Google Analytics are very satisfying to look at. Maybe it’s my perfectionism […]

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The power of Landing Pages in Google Analytics

Landing Pages in Google Analytics, perhaps a dimension you take for granted. That you look at, but don’t actually look at. Just like looking at what time it is without actually knowing or understanding what time it is. In my opinion, the Landing Page is a powerful dimension in Google Analytics. Let me explain why I […]

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How Google Analytics wants to help you

Aaah, lovely Google Analytics. A tool some people love to hate. And I must agree, I have a tough relationship with Google Analytics as well. It has so many functionalities and so much to offer, which can make it quite overwhelming. But Google Analytics is really trying to help you get along with its data tool. In this […]

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WordCamp Finland 2020 Online

November 12, 2020
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Online, Finland

WordCamp Finland is on the 12th of November, 2020. We are excited to join the Finnish, Nordic and European WordPress Community! It will be a great opportunity to participate in virtual sessions and network with the attendees. We plan to have 4 virtual activities in our Yoast booth. We are going to share an interview […] Read about WordCamp Finland 2020 Online »

Come and meet us, we are attending: