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Improve your site’s structure in 4 simple steps

Optimizing your site structure should be an important aspect of your SEO strategy. Structuring your site is of crucial importance for your SEO. But how do you improve a site’s structure? Where do you start and how do you keep an eye on the structure of your site if your site is growing? In this …

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Why you should use the Yoast SEO text link counter

In the 5.0 release of Yoast SEO, we’ve added the Yoast SEO text link counter. This new functionality counts the number of internal links in a post and the number of internal links to a post. It sounds really simple, but it’s extremely useful and actionable. It’ll really make it so much easier to improve …

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Yoast SEO text link counter

Cornerstone analysis to help you create your best articles

Cornerstone articles should be the best and most complete articles on your website. That means that you should make an effort to make this article as awesome as possible. Raise your normal standards and write extraordinary cornerstones. To help you create excellent cornerstone articles, we developed a special cornerstone analysis.  Why do you need a separate analysis? …

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Which articles are my cornerstone content?

Cornerstone articles are the most important articles on your website – the pages or posts you want to rank highest in the search engines. Cornerstone articles are usually explainers; relatively long articles combining insights from different blog posts. Even if your website has been around for a long time, you may never have thought about …

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Internal linking for SEO: Why and how?

11 May 2017 by Meike Hendriks - 32 Comments

Before your content can rank, it needs links. Google finds your posts and pages best when they’re linked to from somewhere on the web. Internal links also connect your content and give Google an idea of the structure of your website. They can establish a hierarchy on your site, allowing you to give the most important pages …

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What is cornerstone content?

This post explains everything you need to know about cornerstone content – or evergreen content, as it’s also known. You’ll learn what it is, why it’s important for SEO, how to write this kind of content and how you should link from your posts to your cornerstone articles. What is cornerstone content? Cornerstone content is …

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Ask Yoast case study: SEO of a mom blog

SEO can be a rather complicated and abstract thing. What exactly do we mean by increasing keyword density? How do you start with improving the structure of a site? That’s why I’m going to write a series of Ask Yoast case studies. In these case studies, I’ll take a look at a specific site (the owner …

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Ask Yoast: Too many links in navigation menu?

31 March 2017 by Joost de Valk - 3 Comments

Doing your internal linking well has quite a few SEO benefits. Connecting related posts with each other lets Google know that you’ve created content on various aspects of a certain topic. This can make you a stronger candidate to rank for that topic. But, is it possible to create too many internal links, for example by having lots of links in your navigation? …

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