Yoast Summer School 2021: A recap of the best bits

This year we held our first ever Yoast SEO Summer School, a series of 4 interactive online workshops with our in-house experts. We’ve been talking about SEO essentials like making great content, site structure, inbound marketing and rich results, and answering your questions on those topics too. It’s been fantastic seeing over 6,500 of you lovely people tuning in to learn more about SEO with us! Here’s a look back at the best bits…

Summer School is over — thanks for joining!

Our Summer School is over now, but it’s been a real blast! We’ve had SEO knowledge and insights from the Yoast team, covering a whole load of need-to-know topics: email, social media, quality content, internal linking and structured data. We hope you learned a lot!

Besides all the SEO stuff, we’ve made some fun memories too: Nino guiding us through the workshops in his colorful lei, the lively chat with participants from all over the world, SEO tips from our (former) CEO Marieke… And what’s more, we found out that some people’s favorite animal is Yoasie!

We’d like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who joined. We hope to see you again at our future events!

Find the workshops in Yoast SEO academy

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If you missed joining the workshops (or if you’d like a recap), you can find all the good stuff over at Yoast SEO academy:

  • Watch replays of all the workshops with Nynke, Willemien, Marieke and Taco!
  • Get the PDF handouts to go along with each workshop
  • Follow the courses and build your knowledge of SEO
  • Find a nice surprise if you watch the videos until the end!

Don’t have a MyYoast account yet? Make one for free to get access! You’ll also need access to the backend of a WordPress website with our Yoast SEO plugin installed (free or Premium) to get the most out of our workshops.

Workshop #1: Getting started with email and social media marketing

With Nynke, we’ve been learning all about goals, channels and messages! She explains how the inbound marketing method can help you to define your goals for email marketing and social media. After that, she explains what to keep in mind when choosing a channel, and how to customize your message to fit your platform.

Learn how the inbound marketing method can help you get more from social media and email marketing with Nynke

Watch the replay of Nynke’s workshop for free in Yoast SEO academy

Workshop #2: How to create quality content (with Yoast SEO)

In our second workshop, Willemien walked us through the essentials of creating high-quality content. From researching and choosing a topic to write about, planning your draft and writing it, she offers great advice about how to write content that users will love. You’ll also get some great tips about how to check if your post is ready to publish using the Yoast SEO plugin!

What is great content, and how can you make it? Find out in Willemien’s workshop

Watch the replay of Willemien’s workshop for free in Yoast SEO academy

Workshop #3: How to use internal linking to rank higher with the right content

Our then CEO Marieke led the third workshop, which was about a very important subject: internal linking! She explains why internal linking matters, helping you to create a good site structure and making your content findable. She also walks through how to rank with the content you want to rank with, by using the cornerstone approach and stopping keyword cannibalization.

Is keyword cannibalization holding back your rankings? Marieke helps you find out

Watch the replay of Marieke’s workshop for free in Yoast SEO academy

Workshop #4: How to stand out in Google’s search results

In our fourth and final workshop, Taco taught us all about rich results and structured data. He explains what rich results are and shows us some of the different types, including knowledge panels. With his tools and examples (plus a bit of help from Yoast SEO), you’ll find it easy to add and test structured data on your site. And ultimately, you’ll get a chance for some really fantastic looking search results!

Learn how to make your site eligible for rich results in Taco’s workshop

Watch the replay of Taco’s workshop for free in Yoast SEO academy

We’ll be back! So stay tuned for more ;)

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See you next time!

Our Yoast Summer School 2021 is finished, but your journey to become an SEO pro is just getting started! Take the next step and check out all the free Summer School resources over at Yoast SEO academy:

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  • Download and keep the PDF handouts (feel free to share them, too!)
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  • Find a special treat if you watch the videos until the end!

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