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At Yoast, we believe in sharing knowledge. That’s why we write about SEO on our blog. But we also want to help people that are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, or want to focus on a specific aspect of SEO. That’s why we launched the Yoast SEO academy in 2015. Ever since, we’ve been expanding our range of courses, always aiming to offer the best learning experience out there!

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How to become an SEO expert »

Want to outrank the competition? Read our article and learn how to become an SEOexpert, so both the technical and marketing side of your site are top-notch!

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Four ways you could benefit from a Yoast SEO training certification »

When you complete a course in Yoast SEO academy, you get an online certificate and badge. We discuss four ways you'll benefit from SEO certification.

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