Yoast SEO plugin video tutorials

Do you encounter any difficulties configuring your Yoast SEO plugin? Want to know more about all features and settings of the Yoast SEO plugin? We have great news for you! Joost made a series of Yoast SEO plugin video tutorials for every tab on every page of the Yoast SEO configuration pages. A playlist of a total of 42 video screencasts is available for free for all of our users!

In these video tutorials, Joost de Valk explains all the settings of the Yoast SEO plugin in detail. He’ll talk you through all the possibilities the plugin has and explains why you should configure your plugin in a certain way. We will regularly add new screencasts. Check out our extensive playlist! And, don’t forget to subscribe to the Yoast YouTube channel so you won’t miss any updates!

Yoast SEO plugin training for WordPress

For those of you who want to dive into all the possibilities our plugin has, we have developed a Yoast SEO plugin training. This training consists of in-depth instruction videos and reading material in which Joost gives extra information about what Yoast SEO does and how you should set it up. On top of that, the course comes with a lot of challenging questions, to test whether or not you truly understand the Yoast SEO plugin.

Once you have completed the Yoast SEO plugin training, you’ll receive a badge and a certificate to put on your site. The badge and certificate are a Yoast seal of approval. If you have completed our course, you’re qualified and able to set up and properly configure our SEO plugin.

Want to become a Yoast SEO plugin expert? If so, the Yoast SEO for WordPress plugin training is all you need. The videos and the questions will be regularly updated, making sure you’ll remain a real Yoast SEO plugin Expert! Don’t forget to check out our other Yoast Academy SEO courses.

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13 Responses to Yoast SEO plugin video tutorials

  1. Ashish Vijaywargiya
    Ashish Vijaywargiya  • 3 years ago

    Adding few more details to my previous comment.

    Lets say a post is associated with multiple categories named obiz, obiz-development and obiz-ecommerce.

    obiz(Parent Category, It is also Primary Category)
    — obiz-development(Child Category)
    — obiz-ecommerce(Child Category)

    So how does wordpress seo plugin will pick which category in sitemap? I think it should take primary category when it does create URL in Sitemap but it is not doing that. Instead of it, it is taking obiz-development.

    Two question:

    1) How does yoast seo plugin creates URL in sitemap suppose some post is associated with multiple category.

    2) Do we have any option so that we could tell which category to pick for sitemap URLs?

  2. Ashish Vijaywargiya
    Ashish Vijaywargiya  • 3 years ago

    Recently you guys have introduced the concept of Primary Category and I liked it. https://yoast.com/yoast-seo-3-1/

    One simple question: How do you generate the XML sitemap when a post is associated with multiple categories?
    For example one of my post is associated with three categories and out of those three categories I made one category as a primary category. Now I was expecting that Yoast plugin will consider primary category and make the URL accordingly in sitemap but it is not working like it.

    I couldn’t understand how you guys picks the URL in sitemap if some post is associated with multiple categories.

    Please help, Your help will be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance.

    • Joost de Valk
      Joost de Valk  • 3 years ago

      Hey! If it’s not using the primary category in the URL in the XML sitemap, that’d be a bug…

      • Ashish Vijaywargiya
        Ashish Vijaywargiya  • 3 years ago

        Yes, I also thinks that this is a bug. It will be of great help if it is taken care quickly – may be in next plugin upgrade.

        Thanks Joost for your quick help – I truly appreciate that.

  3. Linda
    Linda  • 3 years ago

    HI Marieke,

    I am using all in one seo plugin on my wrodpress site. But i saw yoast plugin it was really looking great plugin for optimize on page seo. Now i switched in Yoast Plugin.


  4. Pramod Kumar
    Pramod Kumar  • 3 years ago

    Thanks, Now Yoast become more easier. Just click on Toggle button & change your settings :-).

  5. Rommie Carnevale
    Rommie Carnevale  • 3 years ago

    Thanks for providing this great post! I had no idea these resources were available. They will certainly be of use when training clients in the future! The Yoast plugins rocks!

  6. davidvicky
    davidvicky  • 3 years ago

    Yoast is used so much out in SEO Land, but this is really the best how to if seen so far. Have watched a many videos but your blog drives it home. There are still some thing I don’t fully understand. But that’s not the plugin, it’s my limitations.

  7. Dumaji
    Dumaji  • 3 years ago

    I replaced my seo plugin with Yoast. Within one month I have started getting good traffic to my blog. I’m following all the metrics recommended by yoast such as keyword density, h1 tag, etc. Thanks for such a superb plugin

  8. Charlie
    Charlie  • 3 years ago

    Awesome to know! It’s going to be a great resource for anybody but especially those new to doing seo on their website.

    Its awesome to see how far you guys have come. I still remember stumbling onto your plugin when it originally came out.

  9. Shane Adams
    Shane Adams  • 3 years ago

    Awesome thanks Joost de Valk looking forward to this !

  10. Vitaliy Kolos
    Vitaliy Kolos  • 3 years ago

    That’s a great idea. Thanks for the playlist with your Yoast SEO video tutorials!

  11. Koemsie Ly
    Koemsie Ly  • 3 years ago

    Thanks your sharing your screenshots that me more clearer. Last time I also wrong config, now I will your instructions.