Free WordPress training: WordPress for beginners

  • Find out how to set up your own site with WordPress.
  • Learn the ins and outs of creating and maintaining a WordPress website.
  • Save money by being able to do this all by yourself, without third-party help.
  • Plus: learn all about WordPress, like its history and its open-source community.

WordPress for beginners training

  • Find out how to set up your own WordPress site
  • Learn how to create and maintain a WordPress site
  • Learn the basics of WordPress SEO

Yoast SEO Premium + Academy

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Already know about how to set up your WordPress site but don’t know how to get it ranked high in the search results? With Yoast SEO Premium you’ll learn about all the key SEO aspects, like keyword research, SEO copywriting and technical SEO, while unlocking access to the Yoast SEO Premium plugin as well.

Learn how to create your own WordPress site

Ever wanted to create your own website? We’ve got you covered! Whether you want to create your own personal blog, an online store, or a business website – with WordPress, creating your own website is easy as pie. If you know what you’re doing, of course. In this free online WordPress for beginners course, we’ll guide you through every step of setting up, creating, and maintaining your own WordPress website. 

After this free training…

  • you know what WordPress is and what it can do for you;
  • you’re able to get your own WordPress site up and running;
  • you can create a site that fits your likes and needs, by using WordPress settings, plugins, themes, and widgets;
  • you’re able to manage your WordPress site once it’s up and running;
  • you know how to improve the security of your site so it’s protected against hackers;
  • you know everything about WordPress SEO, so people can find your site in the search results!


What topics are covered in this free WordPress for beginners course?

    1. Introduction to WordPress What is WordPress? What is the difference between and What can you do with WordPress? What does open source mean? In this module, we’ll answer all these questions!
    2.  Getting started with WordPress You’ll learn how to get your own WordPress site up and running, by choosing a hosting company that fits your needs and getting your own domain. After that, we’ll make you a bit more familiar with the WordPress back end. Finally, we’ll teach you how to find out how you want to use WordPress.
    3. Customizing your site You’ll learn how to customize your site, so it fits your likes and needs. After this module, you’ll know how to use WordPress settings, themes, plugins, and widgets. We’ll also discuss the basics of page builders.
    4. Creating content in the block editor What is a site without content? Right! In this module, you’ll learn how to add posts and pages to your WordPress site. Also, we’ll show you how to spice up these posts and pages by adding images, videos, and more.
    5. Structuring your site You’ll learn how to make sure people can find what they need on your site, by organizing your content with menus, categories and tags.
    6. Managing your WordPress site Your work isn’t done once your site is up and running. That’s why we’ll also teach you how to manage your WordPress site after you’ve set it up, with user roles, updates, and backups.
    7. WordPress SEO In this module, you’ll learn everything about WordPress SEO, so people can actually find your site in the search engines! We’ll discuss what WordPress does for your site’s SEO out of the box, how the Yoast SEO plugin can help you, and what you should do yourself.
    8. The story behind WordPress We’ve added an extra, optional module to this course about the story behind WordPress. You’ll learn about the history of WordPress, its vibrant open-source ecosystem, and we’ll even tell you how you can contribute yourself!

This free WordPress training is for you if…

  • you want to create your own website but you don’t know how to go about this;
  • you want to understand every aspect of WordPress so you can make the best use of it;
  • you want to maintain, improve and build on that website yourself;
  • you want to do all of this without having to pay a lot of money for a company to do it for you;
  • you want to learn more about the history, open-source ecosystem, and community of the WordPress world.


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Want to become an SEO expert?

Our free courses are just the tip of the iceberg. If you get Yoast SEO Premium, you’ll get the Premium plugin, plus complimentary access to all Yoast SEO academy courses. This will help you optimize all aspects of SEO. We cover all important SEO topics to get your site sky-high in the search results:

  • Keyword research
  • SEO copywriting
  • Site structure
  • Technical SEO
  • Structured data
  • Multilingual SEO

What’s included in this free WordPress training?

You get unlimited access to all of this course content, for free:

  • 3 hours of instructional videos, sliced into 43 bite-sized clips
  • PDF files so you can easily check the tips again while working on your website
  • 23 quizzes to train what you’ve learned
  • a cheat sheet with WordPress vocabulary

Do you want to learn how to make your WordPress site rank high in the search results? Get Yoast SEO Premium and learn all about keyword research, SEO copywriting, structured data, and more! 

Who teaches this training?

All content for this course is created by the SEO and WordPress experts at Yoast:

  • they’re the creators of the #1 SEO plugin for WordPress worldwide;
  • combined, they have over a 100 years of WordPress experience;
  • companies such as Facebook, eBay, and The Guardian rely on Yoast for their SEO strategies
  • you’ll also get access to videos by Joost de Valk, founder of Yoast and a renowned authority in SEO, who shares his knowledge on international conferences all year round.

Show off your WordPress skills

Once you’ve finished the training, you’ll get a Yoast certificate and a badge you can display on your website. The badge only appears when you’ve actually completed the course, so not just anyone can use it. Add the certificate to your resume, your LinkedIn profile or use it to get that raise you deserve. 


How much time do I need for this free WordPress training?

You can watch all the videos in under 3 hours. Are you new to WordPress and willing to dig in deep? Then you’ll be a budding WordPress expert in 14 to 18 hours. Are you acquainted with some WordPress principles? Then obviously, you’ll complete the course faster. You set your own pace for this training. You’ll get unlimited access to the course: take as much time as you like.


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Why believe what we have to say? Our students have plenty of nice things to say about the free WordPress for beginners course as well!

Brian Krogsgard, Post Status

Brian Krogsgard

“Yoast […] has a really nice new course for WordPress beginners that I’ve already sent to a couple of folks seeking to learn WordPress. This should be bookmarked as a go-to learning resource.”

Brian Krogsgard – Post Status

Piaff Emmanueli

Piaff Emmanueli

“The Yoast WordPress for beginners course is the best free WordPress course, much better than many paid ones. I have watched many videos on YouTube or read many articles online about creating a website, but this is the ONLY course I have seen that has explained everything step by step. And the great thing is it is completely FREE. Trust me, have a taste and see!”

Piaff Emmanueli

Søren Leth-Nissen

Søren Leth-Nissen

“I did not know how much I needed this course! In particular, I think that the combination of video, text, and quizzes get the message across to us students. The Yoast-tribe is dedicated and passionate about helping us get the best out of our WordPress powered sites. For the first time (I’ve been using WP for years) I now understand canonical URL, permalinks, and the importance of backup. :-)”

Søren Leth-Nissen –