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August 28th, 2014 – 6 Comments

One of the returning questions we get from customers is for better tutorial videos for our SEO plugin. That’s no “simple” thing as we quite regularly update the plugin and add new features to it, changing the interface. So we’ve teamed up with Shawn Hesketh, from WP101, who has created (and will continue to update) a beautiful set of 17 videos. These videos are now included in our WordPress SEO premium plugin:

WordPress SEO tutorial videos as seen in the premium WordPress SEO plugin.

WordPress SEO tutorial videos as seen in the premium WordPress SEO plugin.

These WordPress SEO tutorial videos will be kept up to date with all the changes we make to the plugin. In fact, when we did the initial set of videos, I was smart enough to make so many changes in one update that 4 of the 17 videos had to be redone. Shawn must hate me already ;)

Let me show you the first WordPress SEO tutorial video, which is the first of 17 videos. It highlights how to use the snippet preview and focus keyword functionality:


If you like what you see, upgrade to our Premium SEO plugin and you’ll have this set of videos available (and up to date) all the time!

But you already had WordPress SEO tutorial videos?

We used to have a separate Video Manual plugin; that plugin has been discontinued, as those videos weren’t up to date. It will continue to work for a while longer, but will not be updated anymore.

6 Responses to WordPress SEO Tutorial Videos

  1. William
    By William on 5 September, 2014

    Awesome, thanks for the videos Joost. I already knew most of the stuff in the video as I have used your plugin forever but this will be awesome for someone just starting out and give them a good head start.

  2. Nalini Mane
    By Nalini Mane on 2 September, 2014

    It’s really helpful video.

  3. Irena Domingo
    By Irena Domingo on 1 September, 2014

    Thanks a lot for this video

  4. Ahmed Asif Iqbal
    By Ahmed Asif Iqbal on 29 August, 2014

    Thank you, I have been using your plugin for few years now without any issues. Some of my clients website are ranking #1 for local search.

  5. Ricardo Da Silva
    By Ricardo Da Silva on 28 August, 2014

    Thank you for this video. I use WordPress SEO in my websites.

  6. René Hansen
    By René Hansen on 28 August, 2014

    Great video that will make it much easier to understand using your excellent plugin.

    When a client of mine needs to learn how this plugin work, it is almost impossible to do over the phone.

    Linking to one of these videos are a great way for them to study for themselves. Thank you for a great addition to you great plugin!

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