10 years of Yoast celebration calendar

Welcome to the 10 years Yoast celebration calendar! This calendar was part of our countdown to Yoast’s 10th anniversary on May 28, 2020. We opened a box every day in the month leading up to our anniversary. And although they’re all open, you can still click them to find some awesome stuff! Also, have a look at the recap of our webinar that took place on Friday, May 29, 2020. You can watch videos of multiple talks, Q&As, and a few very interesting site reviews!

  1. Did you know this about our avatars?
  2. Meet one of our first customers!
  3. Yoast SEO is available in … languages! [closed]
  4. Check out our moves at previous YoastCons!
  5. These SEO tips are timeless
  6. Meet the people behind Yoast!
  7. Did you know about the Yoast Care fund?
  8. Party with us!
  9. How we take care of our employees (in Dutch)
  10. Let’s look back at the past 10 years!
  11. This is how we synergize!
  12. Yoast and our focus on diversity
  13. Caption this and win a goodie bag!
  14. Michiel takes a walk down memory lane
  15. We’re proud to be part of the WordPress community
  16. 10 years of Google’s algorithm updates
  17. Watch the history of Yoast!
  18. Share your LEGO Yoast pics!
  19. 10 years of Yoast goodies
  20. Thrive for the future of open source
  21. Marieke’s top 10 favorite moments
  22. Guess what’s happening and win!
  23. How it all began…
  24. This is our community
  25. Throwback: our very first magazine!
  26. Sharing our innovations and thought process
  27. SEO essentials: 16 must-reads for higher rankings
  28. Have you spotted Yoasie at YoastCon?
  29. Surprise!
  30. Surprise!
  31. Surprise!