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Edwin Toonen is an experienced writer, editor and content manager. In his work, he focuses on everything related to using, building and enhancing websites. Before joining Yoast, he spent eight years honing his skill at The Netherlands’ leading web design magazine.

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How to build an FAQ page with Gutenberg and Yoast SEO

20 September 2018 by Edwin Toonen » - 6 Comments

Category pages

Many, many sites have an FAQ page. This is a page where a lot of frequently asked questions get the appropriate answer. It is often a single page filled to the brim with questions and answers. While it’s easy to add one, it’s good to keep in mind that not all sites need an FAQ. »

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How to add HowTo Schema to your how-to article

12 September 2018 by Edwin Toonen » - 7 Comments

JSON-LD for your website

You might know that structured data in the form of can do wonders for your search results. It also forms the basis for an ever-increasing amount of new and exciting developments on the search engine front. Google has said many times that structured data is beneficial. Today, we’re going to look at a relatively »

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Yoast SEO 8.2: Automatically add structured data with Gutenberg content blocks

11 September 2018 by Edwin Toonen » - 26 Comments

Yoast SEO 8.2

While we’re still only at the start of the Gutenberg adventure, we’re presenting an awesome, brand-new feature for the new WordPress editor today. Meet the Yoast SEO structured data content blocks! The content blocks automatically add valid structured data code to the content that is added to these blocks. Our initial line-up consists of How-to »

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First things first: writing content with the inverted pyramid style

7 September 2018 by Edwin Toonen » - 33 Comments

The inverted pyramid

Journalists have been using the inverted pyramid writing style for ages. Using it, you put your most important information upfront. Don’t hedge. Don’t bury your key point halfway down the third paragraph. Don’t hold back; tell the complete story in the first paragraph. Even online, this writing style holds up pretty well for some types »

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Yoast SEO 8.1: Gutenberg part 2, introducing the snippet preview

28 August 2018 by Edwin Toonen » - 22 Comments

Yoast SEO 8.1 release image

Two weeks ago, we launched Yoast SEO 8.0. In it, we shipped the first part of our integration with Gutenberg: the sidebar. That release was the foundation on which we are building the next parts of our integration with the new WordPress editor. In Yoast SEO 8.1, we introduce part 2: a Gutenberg-proof snippet preview. »

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WordPress: What is Gutenberg?

10 August 2018 by Edwin Toonen » - 73 Comments


You might have felt some tremors in the WordPress world. There is something brewing. Something called Gutenberg. It’s the new editing environment in WordPress and the impact it’s going to have will be massive. Some welcome it with open arms, while others are critical. There is also a large group of WordPress users who don’t »

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What is duplicate content?

6 August 2018 by Edwin Toonen » - 26 Comments

You’ve probably come across the term duplicate content quite a lot, but what is it? Duplicate content is content that lives in several locations — i.e., URLs. Duplicate content can harm your rankings and many people say that copious amounts of it can even lead to a penalty by Google. That’s not true, though. There »

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Does site speed influence SEO?

17 July 2018 by Edwin Toonen » - 10 Comments

site speed and AMP

You don’t even have to listen very carefully because SEO people are shouting it from the rooftops: site speed is everything. Not a day goes by without a new article, white paper, Google representative or SEO expert telling us that optimizing for speed is one of the most important things you can do right now. »

Category: Technical SEO

What are breadcrumbs and why are they important for SEO?

12 July 2018 by Edwin Toonen » - 18 Comments

What are breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs are an important part of almost every good website. These little navigational aids don’t just tell people where they are on your site, but they also help Google work out how your site is structured. That’s why it makes a lot of sense to add these helpful little pointers. Let’s take a look at »

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Yoast SEO 7.8: Synonyms and keyword distribution

10 July 2018 by Edwin Toonen » - 11 Comments

Yoast SEO 7.8