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Ask Yoast I have an outdated static website, should I move to WordPress?

Imagine, you created a website a few years ago. It’s still out there, but you didn’t make any changes or updates ever since. So, your site probably needs a major – SEO – update. If you have a static website, you might consider moving your site to a CMS, like WordPress. What’s the best choice? I’ll help you out and explain in which case it would be better to start all over using WordPress.

In this Ask Yoast, we’ll answer a question from Richard Millstein:

“My website was created 10 years ago in HTML, it needs a major SEO update and has other issues. I think it would be better to start over using WordPress. What do you think?”

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Major SEO update

Read this transcript to learn more about choosing a CMS or not, when your website needs a major SEO update:

“Well, you get plus points for using WordPress, of course, no questions asked. Also, if your website was created 10 years ago and not much has happened to it since, then, you really need to think about, “Okay, what will I do once I re-create it? “Will I not do anything with it again for 10 years or will I keep updating it?”

If you want to keep updating it, then yes, you should really go for WordPress, because that makes that an awful lot easier. Of course, with WordPress you also get Yoast SEO and a lot of other advantages or things that you don’t have to build, that will work automatically for you. So, yes, you should probably do that.

The funny thing is, the output from WordPress will still be HTML, so you could probably get the theme of your site to look like your old site very easily. If you just hire someone to copy that into a WordPress theme and maybe do some optimizations as they do that. So, it could be a very simple job on Upwork or some other rental site, where you just go in and say “Hey I want you to change this theme to a WordPress theme and then input my content in it.” That could be a very simple job for someone and might save you an awful lot of time.

Good luck!” 

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5 Responses to Ask Yoast: Old static website, move to WordPress?

  1. Nyssa
    Nyssa  • 2 years ago

    I moved an old website to WordPress a few years ago. It was easy. Time-consuming, yes–setting up redirects to the new site, and cutting and pasting old pages onto new ones–but the result is a much better site, more versatile. It also gets more hits.

  2. Pattipie
    Pattipie  • 2 years ago

    Great arguments! Great tips!

  3. Silvia Erp
    Silvia Erp  • 2 years ago

    Have used in paste httprack and paste content on WP pages, high attention to URL, some redirects, and paste old metatag in Yoast SEO Plugin, result very very good.
    Thanks for posting

  4. Göran Svensson
    Göran Svensson  • 2 years ago

    Before you consider moving to WordPress check out the JAMStack: and new modern solutions for building your website:
    If you need help there is also:

    Good luck!

  5. Lisander
    Lisander  • 2 years ago

    I have a website I created back when apple had the iweb software. Haven’t done anything with it since, I have considered bringing it back to life. But no time.. but wouldn’t it be a good idea to move to wordpress regardless?

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