5 blogging tips for your online shop

A blog is a great marketing tool for online shops. On your blog, you can tell readers about your brand and products and perhaps also about yourself. In this post, I will give five blogging tips for online shops that’ll help you to maintain an awesome blog on your eCommerce site!

Why should you blog?

Maintaining a blog will allow you to let readers get more acquainted with your brand and your products. It is a great way to inform your audience about new ideas or plans you might have. Blog posts can be a great marketing tool for your shop. You’ll be able to tell the story of your products from your own perspective.

Maintaining a blog contributes to SEO as well. Every time you write a new blog post, you’re adding fresh content, which Google likes. Above that, maintaining a blog will allow you to write content around those keywords you would like to rank for.

5 blogging tips for online shops

Maintaining a blog can be hard. You’ll have to keep coming up with ideas for new blog posts. Above that, you’ll want to create awesome content, making sure that your audience will return to your online shop.

1. Do your keyword research

You can write about all kinds of things on your blog, but make sure to do proper keyword research first. You really need to know what search terms you want to be found for. These keywords should be leading when you choose what to blog about.

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2. Current events

A great way to keep coming up with ideas for new post is to follow current events. Keep an eye on different news sites, and write posts in which you incorporate your views on the news in your niche. Perhaps you can set up an alert for a specific topic. And if a holiday is coming up, write a post about how your products could be used during that specific holiday.

3. Interact with your audience!

If you invite your audience to leave comments on your blog, you could receive feedback and questions. Use these comments to interact with your audience. This interaction is a great way to connect to your audience and make sure that people will come back to your site.

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4. Add that personal touch

Writing blog posts will allow you to add that nice personal touch to your company or your brand. A large company or brand could really benefit from a blog that appeals to people on a personal level. A CEO of a company could, for instance, write about his view on the market or the way he uses the products he sells. This will give the company and the brand a face and a story. That’ll help people to connect to a brand or a company. It might even convince them to return to your online shop.

5. Tell stories about your products

Your blog is a great way to share stories about your products. If you sell cleaning supplies, write blogs about which stains are best removed with which supply. If you sell kids clothes, write blog posts about children wearing your clothes. Add lots of photos! Tell stories about how to use your products. Don’t make these blogs to salesy. Write informative pieces about your products. Show people why they should buy your stuff.

You could also ask your audience to share their stories. Ask them for their experiences and to share their photos. You could write beautiful blog posts based on these user experiences. You could also ask your clients to write a guest blog.


A blog is a great marketing tool for every online shop. It’ll allow you to create an engaging audience and add a personal touch to your brand or company. With the use of our blogging tips for online shops, you should be able to maintain an awesome blog!

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