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Ask Yoast: Crossposting content on LinkedIn Pulse

Social media is not only an important part of your marketing strategy, but it’s important for your SEO strategy as well. LinkedIn’s publishing platform Pulse is one of the many content publishing platforms out there. You can read stories and news from other publishers, and you can publish your own content.

But can you publish the same blog post on Pulse, as the one you posted on your own site? Or should you post an excerpt and link back to your site? Does Google consider content on Pulse as duplicate content? Joost will answer this question in this Ask Yoast.

Guy Andefors from Stockholm in Sweden emailed us the following question:

“Can we safely republish an entire blog post on Pulse or should we post an excerpt and link back to our site?”

Check out the video or read the answer below!

LinkedIn Pulse

To be honest, if you post your own blog post first, make sure that it’s indexed in Google and then post it on Pulse with a link underneath the posting: “This post originally appeared on…” linking back to your blog post. If you do this, you should be okay.

It’s not rel=canonical, but Google is smart enough to understand most of that and work its way through, so you should be okay. It might still rank the LinkedIn one higher if your own domain is not that strong because it might think that it actually gets a better interaction on LinkedIn. If that’s the case you should think about maybe using excerpts. Just try it a bit, see how it works for you. It really depends on how strong your own domain is and on what you want to achieve. If it works on LinkedIn, maybe leave it on LinkedIn and then make people click on LinkedIn to your site. That’s just as good for you if it works. 

Good luck!”

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2 Responses to Crossposting content on LinkedIn Pulse

  1. Ben Brausen
    Ben Brausen  • 2 years ago

    I’ve been doing this for over a year without issue. I make sure to allow a few days between posting to my own site before republishing it on LinkedIn and always include a link back to the original story.

    Haven’t seen any issues with duplicate content and my own site has always outranked the LinkedIn version.

    This can be done with other sites such as Medium also.

    • Eric Martin
      Eric Martin  • 2 years ago

      But then how does Google keep people from simply publishing others’ blog posts to Pulse and Medium? Thanks.