WordCamp Asia

February 17 - 19, 2023
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  • Yoast Booth

Team Yoast was at #WCAsia in the beautiful city of Bangkok! Read on to find out what we’ve been up to. 

Superheroes pride party

We hosted an amazing superheroes pride party together with Bluehost and Codeable. We celebrated diversity and inclusion and had a great night with our WordPress friends. It was the night before contributor day and everyone that arrived in Bangkok early, could come to our party. You know it was a good party, because we glittered a looooot of faces!

Contributor Day

At Yoast, we take 5 for the future very serious. That’s why of course, we also helped improve WordPress on Contributor Day. Our own Taco Verdonschot co-hosted the community table, and the marketing table was co-hosted by our Yvette Sonneveld. We contributed to different tables, like polyglots, support, documentation, photos, and many more! 

The Yoast Booth

We had a well-visited booth were lots of you visited us. It was super nice to finally meet the faces of the Asian WordPress community. At our booth, questions were answered about SEO and our products, we invited our all visitors to take a quiz about Yoast SEO. Taking this quiz wasn’t without prize, because everyone who played earned a nice Yoast pin. Together with our Bluehost friends, we organized a raffle where players could win an Apple iPad, Watch or AirPods! The winners of the raffle were announced by our COO, Chaya, who had a very fun way of choosing the winners. The tickets were thrown in the air, and the ones she catched, were the winners. 

A big hit was our shuffleboard game, or Sjoelen, as the Dutch call it. Lots of the visitors played it, meaning we often had a line because the game was so popular! The highest score was 123 points and Sonjoy won a watch made from sustainable wood!

Yoast speakers & volunteers

On the 18th of February our own CEO, Thijs de Valk, gave a talk, "You’re optimizing the wrong things". During his talk, Thijs talked about which things you should’t be optimizing, and which things you should. 

Our culture & recruitment strategist, Carole Olinger, gave a talk, "Stepping Back To Move Forward". In her talk, Carole took another step in removing the barriers to talk about mental health issues and prioritizing self care. JOMO is the new FOMO!

Talking at WCAsia wasn’t the only way how Yoast was present. 5 of our colleagues, Rumejan, Yvonne, Pie, Mushrit, and Ritchel were volunteering. They helped in different areas, such as runners in the talks, selling stuff at the swag store and many other tasks.

The Yoast Meetup

Our very first Yoast Meetup in Asia took place the day after WordCamp Asia ended. We welcomed friends from the Asian WordPress community and Jono Alderson, our Head of SEO, showed what’s happening in Yoast SEO behind the scenes. Afterwards, we did live site reviews. Not only the owners of the site were happy with this, we all learned a lot during this event!

WC Asia 2023 was a blast!