SEO basics: How to use social media

Social media endeavors should be a part of your SEO strategy. As social media usage increased in popularity, Google and other search engines couldn’t ignore them any longer. This means that your site’s popularity on social media ties in with your SEO more and more. The reason for this is simple: if people talk about you, online or offline, you’re relevant to the topic at hand. In addition to that, you’ll want to know about these conversations. In this post, I’ll give you some fundamental tips on how to use social media.

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How to use social media

Below are some tips you can use to set up or to improve your social media strategy:

1. Keep your account alive

The most crucial advice in the use of social media is that you need to keep your account ‘alive’. Make sure you post on a regular basis. Sharing your new blog posts is a good start, but also let people know what you’re working on or what interests you. If you go on vacation, schedule posts for the time you are away, or at least let people know when you’ll be back. And, after a while, you could repost older content to draw people to your website with existing content.

If you want to post more on social, but often lack the time, Yoast SEO Premium can help you. With our Zapier integration, you can automate your social sharing and stay in control of what your social posts look like. This integration makes it possible to automatically post to your favorite social network whenever you publish new content to your site. This saves you time without compromising on the quality of your social posts.

2. Write captivating excerpts

When you decide to share your blog post on social media, make sure to select or write a short and appealing excerpt to draw people in. You could, for instance, choose the most important sentence or the main point of your post. Or you could simply choose to share the introduction of the blog post if you feel that is captivating enough. You want this piece of text to get people to click on the link and read the whole post. And do ensure that people can easily navigate to other pages on your website, once they are there. If you want to learn more about copywriting for social media, check out our article about social media writing tips.

3. Diversify

You can share different types of posts on your social media account. As mentioned in point 1, you could share your blog posts, but you could also share short news items, videos or simply some (behind-the-scenes) pictures. These kinds of posts can make your brand more fun and personal.

To decide which posts do well on social media, you should analyze the number of views, shares, and likes. Of course, we’d advise sharing types of posts that receive a lot of views and likes more often.

4. Handle comments

If you share your posts on social media, you could also receive comments. Don’t forget to monitor this. You should handle these comments swiftly.

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5. Use awesome illustrations

For some social media (Pinterest and Instagram) it is all about the illustrations. But also on Facebook visual content is really important. They make your post stand out from all of the other posts in someone’s timeline, and can boost clickthrough.

When you use Yoast SEO Premium, you can check what your blog post or product page will look like, before sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. See how easy that is!

6. Be part of the community

If you’re active in a certain community or niche, you’ll soon discover other interesting people in that area that your audience follows. Follow them too and interact with them, this could help your, and their audiences grow.

7. Add metadata

Smart use of (hash)tags can also help your growth immensely. For instance, if you are at an event, include the hashtag for that event in your post, so everyone searching for that event will come across it. There are also hashtags for certain interests or technology. Some people might even retweet everything that is posted in a certain hashtag, which is a great way to boost your post. But don’t go overboard! Nobody likes a post that is filled with all kinds of random hashtags.

Note that tags on social media work a lot differently than tags on your site. If you’re using tags on your site in the same you would on social media, take a look at this post to find out why that’s not good for your SEO.


Social media is a key aspect of every (off-page) SEO strategy. Setting up a decent social media strategy can be hard and will ask for a bit of creativity. And, it’ll definitely consume much of your time. But, it’ll be worth it! And if you think about it, social media and blogging are very similar in many aspects.

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  1. krewjordan
    krewjordan  • 5 years ago

    Now a day’s there are million of people using social media and we can easily use the social media in seo thanks for the valuable info.

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    Montana  • 5 years ago

    Great sharing! I love your post. It is helpful and knowledgeable for me.

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    Ravi  • 5 years ago

    Great Article. Good tips thanks for sharing

  6. Steve Masters
    Steve Masters  • 5 years ago

    Nice summary. In addition to this, I would say don’t forget to link your social media accounts to your website and vice versa. So many small business sites don’t do it.

  7. Colin Freeman
    Colin Freeman  • 5 years ago

    Great advice! Agree with every your word

  8. Adrienne - Sofia SEO
    Adrienne - Sofia SEO  • 5 years ago

    Although it may not have been so several years ago, companies today simply must participate in the social media game. If you are a company who thrives online or even still in a brick-and-mortar location, keep in mind that most of your customers and especially potential new customers will find you through your social media accounts.

  9. Sushi
    Sushi  • 5 years ago

    Great article! I agree completely, Thanks for Sharing.We actually have two artist working at Yoast and they create the most amazing things. thumbs up for you

  10. ScholarshipJamaica
    ScholarshipJamaica  • 5 years ago

    Thank you. Is it bad that 30% of my website visitors comes from social media referral especially Facebook? I have an aggressive social media strategy and I am hoping it’s not overwhelming for my niche.

  11. Jane
    Jane  • 5 years ago

    Good advice, I think it will come in handy.

  12. Erica
    Erica  • 5 years ago

    Excellent! I only have enough on FB, the rest does not have enough time. I know that it’s time for me to revise my relationship with social networks.

  13. Rabljena Vozila
    Rabljena Vozila  • 5 years ago

    I just recently started using social media for my car business, and it’s going great! Thank you Yoast Team.

  14. Fitness Tracker
    Fitness Tracker  • 5 years ago

    Great advice and convinceable! In Social media I understand that the most effective way to draw viewers attention is to post nice picture or video on it.

    • Marieke van de Rakt

      totally true! that’s why at Yoast we have two artist who create those amazing illustrations!

  15. Leon
    Leon  • 5 years ago

    A very good post I liked it. Have been using Yoast on my website for a while and it’s just perfect.

  16. Fred
    Fred  • 5 years ago

    I can not help but wonder if it even plays a role anymore to be honest. While a larger firm such as yourself, yes that i get. but a small seo firm like me does it matter? just thoughts i have had as of late.

    • Marieke van de Rakt

      Small firms with a local audience should definitely be on Facebook. Search in Facebook is getting bigger as well… It’s hard to tell how big the influence of social media on your ranking in Google is. But not having social media account in this era is (for most companies that is) not an option anymore.

  17. Pattipie
    Pattipie  • 5 years ago

    Great advices! Thank you! Keeping it alive is the main problem!

  18. Mike
    Mike  • 5 years ago

    Great post thank you.

    Your images are always very cool, what software/plugin do you guys use Marieke?

    • Marieke van de Rakt

      Our images are all drawn by our illustration-team! We actually have two artist working at Yoast and they create the most amazing things. Glad you like it!

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    Modern Technolab  • 5 years ago

    Great article! I agree completely, Thanks for Sharing

  20. Aira Bongco
    Aira Bongco  • 5 years ago

    Pictures or videos are the key to better social media posting. It gets attention and it gets more clicks. It is more than just updating on a regular basis but giving people what they need.

    • Marieke van de Rakt

      totally agree!

  21. Seb
    Seb  • 5 years ago

    Don’t you think that social media are a little overrated?

    I get that franchise like Coca-Cola has to build relation with customers, but a local company providing catering, might not need social activity – of cource they still can have social profiles as a form of simple communication.

    • Em
      Em  • 5 years ago

      Seb – being a local company is all the more reason to be present on social media. Social media allows you to get where your clients (and potential clients) are and offer your expertise and knowledge in your industry. If you specialize in certain types of events, or have a certain kind of menu, you can find communities and build relationships with like-minded individuals and companies, who may refer people to you or hire you themselves. Well-crafted content can also show what makes your company unique, and why people should consider you when planning their next event.

      • Marieke van de Rakt

        Just speaking for myself… I follow a few local companies myself. I like to see what they post on their timelines (new cakes or new recipes). It’s a great way to communicate to your local audience and to stay top of mind!