How to learn SEO with Yoast SEO academy

Lots of information about SEO is available on the internet, but it’s sprinkled across different platforms and blogs. On top of that, it’s hard to know who to trust and whose advice to follow. The good news is that you can learn SEO with the Yoast SEO academy! We provide our students with solid advice about SEO’s best practices based on research and extensive experience.

Yoast SEO academy is not only dedicated to giving you dry facts about what you need to excel in the search results pages. We also aim at making you understand SEO. This is a rather difficult goal because:

a) we have a very wide and diverse audience;
b) e-learning only gets one chance to touch the heart of its audience: if a student gets distracted or unmotivated, there’s no one around to find another way to re-involve the student in the learning process.

In order to meet the two conditions mentioned above, we need a didactic that:

a) appeals to all the different people in our audience;
b) has no limitations regarding usability, we don’t want our students to get distracted.

Evidence-informed learning

At Yoast, we strongly believe in implementing evidence-informed practices in all we do. So, we also adapt our courses to the latest research findings. By doing a course with Yoast SEO academy, you’ll:

Understand SEO instead of just memorizing facts by heart

To be able to do something, you need to understand it. We try to tap into what you already know and build upon that with new information in our courses. But, we also link the new information to real-life scenarios and situations. By doing that, we ensure that you can understand the SEO concepts instead of just learning the facts by heart. That will make it easier to transfer your knowledge to your practice.

Get ready to apply what you learned

Our audience is huge and diverse, and we cannot cater to the needs of every individual. That is why we use plenty of examples in our courses. In that way, we want to inspire you and get you to think about your own situation and how to adapt what you learned to your needs.

Become an active participant and build your knowledge as you go along

Each lesson in our courses contains quizzes or assignments. The quizzes are not there so that we can test you and grade you. They are a valuable learning tool that allows you to pause, retrieve, and reinforce what you learned.

Yoast SEO academy: a combination of elements to help you learn SEO

In the Yoast SEO academy courses, we combine three core elements to meet the learning needs of our audience (and the wide variety of people it consists of). To be more precise, most lessons in our courses consist of:

  • a video presentation that walks you through a certain topic and makes sure you understand it;
  • a text that provides examples and additional information that can help you apply what you learned to your situation;
  • a quiz that forces you to rethink all the information mentioned in the video and text, and reinforce what you learned.

We don’t want our students to get distracted while working on this course. We combat this by letting students complete a didactic cycle within every lesson. Simply put, this means that all of the lesson’s material is accessible from one page and that everything a student learns in that lesson will be immediately tested. This tremendously increases a student’s comprehension of the learned material.

SEO topics you’ll learn about with the Yoast SEO academy

SEO is a very multifaceted discipline. We make sure you are ready for it by covering plenty of topics, like:

Rules of the game

  • When you take a course, you need to follow an arranged order. This means you have to fully complete a lesson in order to unlock the next one.
  • You can only complete a lesson by taking its assigned quiz and score an 80% passing grade.

After you’ve finished a course with Yoast SEO academy, you will receive a Yoast SEO academy certificate and badge!

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