Yoast SEO assessment: Link focus keyphrase

What does the link focus keyphrase check do?

A link is considered a competing link when its link text or anchor text contains the focus keyphrase of the page with the link. To help you avoid this, the link focus keyphrase check assesses the links on a page and their link text, and notifies you if you have competing links. If you have Yoast SEO Premium, the check will also look for the synonyms of your keyphrase.

Why is link text important for SEO?

Links are important for SEO: you need to add internal links, for example, to make your site structure clear to search engines. Link text helps search engines make sense of your (internal) links; it gives them more context. So, if you use the focus keyphrase of a page to link to another page, it’s confusing to search engines: which of these articles is most relevant for that topic and should rank for that keyphrase? Besides adding context to links for search engines, of course, link text is also important to your users, to clarify the value of a link to them and why they should click.

Do you want to improve your link texts?

This check will make sure you don’t use your keyphrase as anchor text to another URL. Besides that, keep your link text natural: don’t write unnatural sentences to include a keyphrase, don’t spam links that all have the same link text, and don’t use misleading link text to get users to a page. Write ‘natural’ texts that convey the value of a link to both your users and the search engines, and you’ll get the best results.

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