Should you blog about Justin Bieber?

You want to rank on the words that are used a lot in the search engines, right? Justin Bieber is a term that is used very, very often. So, should we all start writing about Justin Bieber then? The answer of course is: (please) no. In this post, I explain why blogging about Justin Bieber – or other highly competitive terms – probably isn’t the best SEO strategy for you.

Attracting traffic is only step one

Let’s just imagine for a second you would be able to rank for a highly competitive search term as ‘Justin Bieber’. You’d appear in the top of the search results with your post about Justin. Unless you actually are a Belieber and have a site about Justin, attracting traffic on the search term ‘Justin Bieber’ is pretty much useless, though. People searching for ‘Justin Bieber’ want to read content about Justin Bieber. If your website is about flyfishing, barn animals or SEO plugins for that matter, the beliebers won’t stay on your website. They do not want to read your content or buy your products. These people are not your audience. Ranking on search terms simply because they’re popular doesn’t work, unless these terms are popular among your audience and in your niche.

Competitiveness of terms

Let’s be honest. Not every site will be able to instantly rank for Justin Bieber. Highly competitive terms are hard to rank for. That’s why our advice is to start out with focusing on those long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are more specific and less competitive. If you have a site selling pencils and pens, trying to go after ‘pencils’ as a search term may be a competitive market. You could start out by trying to rank for ‘pencils for drawing’ or ‘pencils for writing’, depending on what you’re selling specifically. If you’re able to rank for those longer and more specific search terms first, you could then aim to rank for the more competitive ones (in your niche).

Another benefit from focusing on long tail keywords is that these terms usually convert better. People using specific terms in their search behavior already have a pretty good idea about what they want. If they find the thing they’re looking for on your website, the chance they buy your stuff is rather high.

Conclusion: don’t blog about Justin unless you are a Belieber

Blogging about highly competitive terms only to rank in the search engines is a completely useless SEO tactic. It will be really, really, really hard to compete with all the others focusing on these terms. Ranking on these highly competitive terms is therefore very hard. More importantly, ranking on these terms will probably not attract the audience you want to attract to your website.

You should do your very own keyword research. Find out which terms are beneficial for your site to rank on. Find out which words your audience is using while searching for your products and similar products. That’ll attract the traffic that will actually stay on your site!

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8 Responses to Should you blog about Justin Bieber?

  1. Marcus Fant
    Marcus Fant  • 3 years ago

    Thanks for the info that you’ve shared on long tail keywords; honestly I had no idea of the concept. I’m sure to put it into practice moving forward.

    I do have a question about such phrases for keywords: Is it necessary to place the long tail keyword in the body content exactly as it’s written?

    For example, if the keyword is “pencils for drawing,” will it not rank for the term if in the body content you’ve written “pencils that I use for drawing” as that’s how the writer has used it?

    Thanks in advance! This has bugged me for some time.

    • Marieke van de Rakt

      Google is getting much better in detecting search queries. So, sometimes it matters that you use the exact phrase, while in other cases, it won’t. The best way to find out is to google the two alternatives and compare the search results Google shows you. If these lists are pretty much the same, it won’t matter whether or not you optimize for the exact term. You should definitely read some more, it’ll make things more clear. Try and

  2. Pixel Kicks
    Pixel Kicks  • 3 years ago

    Justin Bieber is right at the top end. With the right budget we don’t dissuade our clients from wanting to rank for the more competitive terms though.

    We always have a primary & secondary set of keywords – we’re always aiming for the primary ones, whilst achieving quicker rankings for the long-tail secondary ones.

    It’s really about balance and understanding of how long things could take.

  3. Michael LaRocca
    Michael LaRocca  • 3 years ago

    I probably shouldn’t blog about Justin Bieber because I’ve never heard of the guy.

  4. Norman Medina DDS
    Norman Medina DDS  • 3 years ago

    Should you blog about Hillary Clinton?

    Oh man, I got the memo too late.

  5. Anna
    Anna  • 3 years ago

    Admit it, you only published this post to rank for Justin Bieber. ;)

    • Marieke van de Rakt

      I must admit, it was great fun to write the world Beliebers in a post once… but this post was optimized for the term: highly competitive keywords, which we would really like to rank for!

    • Midlands Business
      Midlands Business  • 3 years ago

      Was going to say the same thing :)