The importance of quality content for SEO

Writing high-quality content should be a key aspect of every SEO strategy. Content writing requires some of your creative writing skills, though. And let’s be honest, many blogs are hardly readable and not at all informative, entertaining nor inspiring. Now, we can’t all be Hemingway, but you should make an effort to write well. Why? In this post, I’ll give four reasons why the content on your website should be well-written and nicely structured:

#1: People will understand your message better

Whether the aim of your post is to entertain, to inform or to persuade people, in texts that are poorly written the aim is lost. People simply won’t understand your message.

Every blog post has some kind of a message. This message is the purpose of that piece of writing – what do you want to say? A message can be very plain. An article on your website could, for instance inform people about the features of your product, or explain the shipping process.

In poorly written pieces, chances are much higher that people won’t understand your message correctly. If your blog post is well thought out, nicely structured and free of misspellings and typos, chances are much higher that people understand the message of your text.

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#2: Lower bounce rate

If your content is well-written and nicely structured, chances are much higher that readers will actually stay on your site to read your post. That will result in lower bounce rates and will eventually improve your ranking in the search engines.

#3: More trust

Well-written pieces will lead to more trust from your readers. If your content reads well and is free of typos, it will look much more professional and legit. This will make it easier for people to trust you and your blog. If people trust your blog, they will be much more inclined return to your website to read your next post, or buy your product.

#4: More (social media) attention

Well-written blog posts are more likely to be shared on social media or talked about among friends. For a post to be shared on social media, you first have to convince someone to read the piece itself. And more importantly, someone has to think your post is awesome enough to share it on their timeline on Facebook or Twitter (or any other social media). People won’t share poorly written posts on their social media channels, because they’ll have stopped reading halfway. The message is lost.

Conclusion: quality content leads to higher ranking and higher conversions

Writing awesome blog posts won’t instantly improve your ranking. But: in the long run, it will definitely have a positive effect on your SEO! Attractive texts have lower bounce rates and higher chances to receive social media attention.

Attractive texts will also result in higher conversions on your website. If your message is properly understood by your audience, chances are much larger for them to return to your website.

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13 Responses to The importance of quality content for SEO

  1. Peter Pero
    Peter Pero  • 4 years ago

    Loved this article. Content is all about in current era of algorithm changes to stable search rankings and keep visitors engaged.

  2. Peter Pero
    Peter Pero  • 4 years ago

    Loved this article. Content is all about in current era of algorithm changes to stable in search rankings and keep visitors engaged.

  3. Tauseef Alam
    Tauseef Alam  • 4 years ago

    HI Marieke,

    Every SEO blog I visit, I read about the importance of quality content. I do accept that quality content is very important for SEO and I myself started writing detailed articles on my blog (mostly 2000-3000 words long). But I am still not sure how to structure your content so that both my blog readers and search engines find it easy to read and user-friendly.

    I have already read your article that you’ve mentioned above in the comment. I would suggest you to write one more article about structuring the content. I personally hope that will help many people.

  4. Kredyty Kolobrzeg
    Kredyty Kolobrzeg  • 4 years ago

    In my opinion quality content is the most important thing in SEO. Doesn’t matter how many people visit your website if they all leave after 3 seconds. We should do whatever it takes to make visitors stay on our site for as long as possible.

    • Marieke van de Rakt

      we agree! Check out the new features in our plugin! we actually put content before SEO!

  5. Bryan Adams
    Bryan Adams  • 4 years ago

    Yes , quality content plays an important role in SEO , Sometimes Even Quality content alone drives social shares and ranks our post in SERPs . Most ppl still write content for bots , a few only focus to provide valuable content to users . our main aim should always be on content followed by SEO.

  6. priya
    priya  • 4 years ago

    can blog commenting also help? In many articles, I have read that they are the best but in some they call it wrong . What do you feel?

    • Marieke van de Rakt

      in our opinion, the comments on your blog will not help very much for your SEO. That does not mean it is useless, though. Please read our article on how to handle comments:

      • priya
        priya  • 4 years ago

        what about commenting on other blogger’s article can this help?
        Thank you for the previous reply. Waiting for your answer.

        • Marieke van de Rakt

          Commenting on other blogs can be a great way to attract new audiences. Linking to your website in the comments on other blogs will not help in your ranking, though.

  7. James
    James  • 4 years ago

    Hi Marieke,
    You keep on referring to well written copy, good quality etc. What do you really mean by well written and what do you mean by Quality? All these statements are a little nebulous and do not provide any guidance to us budding copy writers. Can you explain what you really mean?

    • Marieke van de Rakt

      Hi James! Totally understand your question. Read SEO copywriting: the ultimate guide ( for more information on what I mean by quality content.