Warning: You’re linking to another page with the focus keyphrase

The warning:

You’re linking to another page with the focus keyphrase you want this page to rank for. Consider changing that if you truly want this page to rank.


Your content contains a link that includes the focus keyphrase. The example below would show this warning if my chosen focus keyphrase was Anchor, Text Anchor or Text.

This is a <a href="http://www.example.com">text anchor</a> in the sentence.


When you link to other content, Google uses the linked text as an indicator for the topic of the linked page. If you want your page to rank for the focus keyphrase, we do not recommend linking to other content with the same focus keyphrase. You should only ever use a focus keyphrase once. Read more about why you shouldn’t use the same focus keyphrase more than once


Please modify the link text so it does not contain the focus keyphrase or move the link to an adjacent word or phrase.

If changing the link is not possible, the warning can be ignored as you should not be tempted to get all green bullets.