6 tips for coming up with blog ideas

Your keyword research will give you much direction on what to blog about. You’ll have to unlock content around specific words. A word is not yet a topic though. Next to a keyword, you’ll need an angle, a specific story around a keyword, to write a blogpost. And as your blog grows, your inspiration can get weary. The following 6 tips for blog ideas will help you to find inspiration to come up with a story around the keywords.

Tip 1: Reading other blogs

A great way to come up with ideas for blogpost is to read other posts. Reading the material other people created will most definitely provide inspiration for your own blogposts. Pitfall of reading other people’s work, is that it’s hard to shed your own light on the same topic. It’s hard coming up with your own view after you’ve read someone else’s.

Reading the titles of blogposts can also give you blog ideas for topics. You don’t have to be scared to rephrase someone else’s opinion (instead of creating your own thought) if you only read the titles. Browsing your way through some blogs should give you enough inspiration to come up with new posts for your own blog.

Tip 2: Current events

Another way to come up with ideas for blogpost is by referring and writing about current events. Stay tuned on different news sites and write posts in which you incorporate your view on the news in your niche. Perhaps you can install an alert on specific topics. On your blog, you should translate these new messages fitting the exact mission of your blog. If you want to know more about how to use news as a way to create content make sure to check out newsjacking!

Tip 3: Get inspiration from your own work

Situations from your own work could also be great inspiration for blogposts. If your clients or colleagues are faced with a certain problem, it could well be that other people encounter the same problem. You should always make sure that you respect the privacy of your client, friends or colleagues and ask for permission to use their case on your blog. My mother-in-law is a relational therapist (really!). She writes blogposts about her clients and these are quite entertaining. In her case, it’s of great importance to change names and details in order to protect the privacy of her clientele (and the future of her practice). 

Tip 4: Continuing on a previous blogpost

If you have a set of keywords you want to rank on, you should think about writing a series of blogposts about the same topic. Ideally, you’d want to write slightly different posts around the same keyword (focusing on different long tail keywords). One blogpost usually leads to inspiration for more blogposts.

If you’re writing a post, make sure you’re sticking to one topic. If you notice that you’re talking about many things in one post and your post gets quite lengthy, you’re creating a series of post without even realizing it. At Yoast, we call this pulling a Michiel (after Michiel Heijmans, who always thinks he is writing one post, while in fact he’s creating a bunch of posts all at once).

Tip 5: Interact with your audience

If you invite your audience to leave comments on your blog, you could receive feedback and questions. While most of the feedback will just be nice to hear (or not), you might receive some questions as well. Perhaps some of these questions are easy to answer in a reply, but some questions will be off topic or will need elaboration. Those kind of questions are excellent starters for your next post.

Tip 6: Google your own keywords and see what other people write about

Your keyword research has given you input on what words you want to be found for. A way to receive some inspiration for an angle around a specific keyword is to google the keyword you want to optimize a certain post for. What do people actually find if they search for that specific term? Maybe the results inspire you to write something similar, something that will fit in with the present results. But, trying to write something that will stand out could also be a very smart strategy.

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11 Responses to 6 tips for coming up with blog ideas

  1. saurav
    saurav  • 4 years ago

    Nice article Marieke, One more thing which i want to add in the list is looking at the keywords from the organic search in your own google analytics account data for the site. sometimes, they are failed keywords, but can give you a nice overview of what to write next

  2. Alin Ionut
    Alin Ionut  • 4 years ago

    Great post, Happy Holidays to all.

  3. Kelly Clark
    Kelly Clark  • 4 years ago

    Love these 6 tips! Thanks.

  4. Akpan Promise
    Akpan Promise  • 4 years ago

    You can also get ideas from Quora and Reddit.

    In fact, Quora, Yahoo Answers (though living on past glory), Ask.com and other question-answer (knowledge sharing) platform.
    These ideas are golden because people are talking about them.
    Awesome article!

  5. Danielle Parsons
    Danielle Parsons  • 4 years ago

    Many times I will come up with an idea using the principles you have outlined in this blog post. I start writing the post in Textpad then just paste into my word press blogs. I then turn on windows movie maker & create a video that basically covers what I wrote about. I like the Yoast SEO guidance to help me with ranking in search engines.

  6. George Leung
    George Leung  • 4 years ago

    These tips are really helpful for me. Tip 4 for example, I always put all the information about the my project into a single post. I actually never thought of dividing it into many posts. And I usually ignore Tip 1, I always think that I shouldn’t waste my time on my enemy blog, because I can use this time to make my web reputation growing way better. But now I realize that knowing what my enemies do is really powerful too. Thank you.

    • Ryan
      Ryan  • 4 years ago

      why are they your enemy? unless they tried to pull some blackhat methods to shift you out of the results (which they’ll end up paying for by the google gods) you should be trying to mingle and interact with your competitors… better for business and could lead to opportunities that will help you and your website.

  7. Webbege
    Webbege  • 4 years ago

    @Marieke: Very nice post.

    Nowadays content marketing has become strongest part of SEO process as content has been given much more priority as per latest SEO standards. This gives us benefit of effective content distribution along with building a quality backlink for the website.

  8. revereye
    revereye  • 4 years ago

    great article….It’s useful to me..Thank you

  9. Ashley Fiddes
    Ashley Fiddes  • 4 years ago

    Found interesting info. Buzzsumo also an option to search related keyword and gives best ideas which topics are leading on social media.

  10. david jame
    david jame  • 4 years ago

    Ya ! Write Lengthy Article really help you to target more long tail keyword