Features per language

Most of the content checks in Yoast SEO work for every language. It just doesn’t matter if you’re writing Dutch, English, Romanian or Afrikaans. In virtually all languages we can recognize if your focus keyphrase has been used in the first paragraph, if you’re using enough words, and if you specified a meta description.

However, some checks are language-specific. Simply because languages happen to be different. Below you’ll find a list of language-specific features and the languages they’ve been implemented for.

Transition words
Flesch reading ease
Passive voice
Function Words
These are used for internal linking, insights and keyphrase-related analyses.

Word Forms
See also Yoast SEO 9.0 release post.
Sentence beginnings
Warns you when consecutive sentences start with the same word or words
Sentence length
Indicates that we’ve confirmed or adjusted the limit for the advised maximum number of words per sentence.
Internal linking and Prominent words
See also Yoast SEO 4.0 release post.

You can also find language specific recommendations for optimization and readability analysis here.