Switching is easy!

We know it seems daunting to switch WordPress SEO plugins, but don’t be scared! We made it easy for you to move data from your old SEO plugin to Yoast SEO with our migration tool.

Easily import your data from other SEO plugins

  • Importing and exporting of SEO data made easy
  • Import from SEO Framework, Rank Math, Squirrly SEO and many others

You’ve decided to migrate from another SEO plugin to Yoast SEO. Welcome! We are excited to have you. We understand that migrating can seem daunting. You may be wondering, what will happen to all your data? Or, will you lose all of your optimizations and go back to square one? The answers are: your data is safe and, no, your optimizations will not be “reset” or lost.

Rest assured, with Yoast SEO, your transition will be smooth. We make sure that your data remains in its place, and that the change is so seamless, you don’t even notice it.

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Why do I need the “import from other SEO plugins” feature? 

When you work on your posts and pages to prepare them to rank in search engines, you add metadata to them. For example, you probably have set carefully crafted meta descriptions, SEO titles, and keyphrases for each of your posts. Yoast SEO imports that metadata, so your hard work remains intact.

Keep the metadata of your posts and pages 

You won’t have to rewrite new meta descriptions or keyphrases for all your posts. With a few clicks, you can let Yoast SEO take care of importing the data for you. 

Easily migrate your data from a long list of SEO plugins

Yoast SEO lets you migrate form a wide range of SEO plugins:

How does it work?

The Tools menu item in Yoast SEO contains the Import and Export settings. There, you will find the Import from other SEO plugins tab, with a step by step process for importing your metadata. For a detailed guide on how to use the feature, watch the video below!

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