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How many (internal) links on a page?

Links are valuable for search engines. So, how do Google and other search engines use links? To put it simply, they use the number of links pointing to a webpage to determine how important that page is. Not only external links help to rank a page in Google, but internal links as well. That’s why site structure is so important!

But is there a limit to the amount of internal links you can have? In this Ask Yoast, we discuss how many links per page you should have and which links should be nofollowed.

We received this anonymous question:

“Internal links: How many links per page should I have? And which one should be nofollowed?”

Check out the video or read the answer below!

Internal links

“Well, how many links per page is always a weird question. As long as your links are useful for your users, it’s okay. There used to be a rule of no more than 100 links on a page in the Google Webmaster Guidelines, they’ve removed that rule though. 100 links might seem like a lot if your site is a content site. But if you look at very long Wikipedia articles, they might have 300-400 URLs in there, linking to other articles and all those links are useful. So, if your links are useful like that, by all means, have them on the page.

Which links should you nofollow? As a general rule, we don’t nofollow anything other than links where a bot can’t really do anything. So, we normally nofollow login links and links to admin areas where Google can’t get into. But other than that, I would not nofollow anything.

Good luck!”

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5 Responses to How many (internal) links on a page?

  1. Stark Edge
    Stark Edge  • 4 years ago

    Can we add links on those website which are relevant to my niche but having low domain authority?

  2.  • 4 years ago

    Is Yoast Plugin can be used in HTML site ?
    I have a HTML site, let me know this imformation.

  3. Ryan Esco
    Ryan Esco  • 4 years ago

    Thanks for the post. Very helpful
    Are there rules as far as a ratio of internal links and external links?

  4. Katie
    Katie  • 4 years ago

    This is a great article! Though I would like a little more information such as studies or comparisons with your own tests. I have created a page, that wasn’t intentionally SEO’d as such, but I saw a demand through a keyword check. It was a “resource page” with many links to other sites, and within a few weeks, it was at no1 in google for the search term. It was crazy. I had planned to go back to it after a few weeks to improve it and update it, but there was no need… It was quite eye opening. I also agree with the no-follow thing. I believe, and it is opinion, that if you use no-follow too often, it shows you are too link-savvy, and maybe know what you are doing TOO much… 99% of regular people and blog owners don’t understand no-follow, so don’t do it. Anyway, thanks for the best SEO plugin ever! :)

  5. Akash Srivastava
    Akash Srivastava  • 4 years ago

    Hi Joost, I agree with you on Internal Links and Nofollow both. Also, I have found linking to 2-3 high authority sites results in good SEO.

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