What is the orphaned content finder?

The orphaned content finder helps you catch unlinked content. It provides you with a quick overview of all the posts without links pointing towards them. Make sure to add links in posts that generate a lot of traffic. That’ll help Google and your audience find these important posts!

Why you need the orphaned content finder

  • Helps you keep an overview of your content
  • Find hard-to-find, unlinked content
  • Improve your internal linking structure

Why should I use the orphaned content finder?

If you want your content to rank in Google, it needs to know about the existence of that content. That’s why it needs links pointing towards it. But, how do you know if a post has no links pointing towards it? Yoast SEO Premium has some tools that finds this type of content for you!

Find hard-to-find, unlinked content

Orphaned content is hard to find, for both Google and visitors. And, that’s definitely a bad thing if you do want Google and your audience to find your content. Linking to it from articles that generate a lot of traffic in the search engines will help Google and your audience get to your blog post. Yoast SEO Premium helps you catch this content and link to it!

Helps you keep an overview of your content

The orphaned content finder helps you keep an eye on your content. It gives you an overview of which post or page needs some extra attention.

Improve your internal linking structure

Internal linking is an important factor for Google and other search engines. That’s why it’s crucial for your site’s SEO to evaluate and improve internal linking strategy on a regular basis. Improving your orphaned content is a part of that strategy!

Unlock this feature in Yoast SEO Premium

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How do I find unlinked content in Yoast SEO Premium?

It’s easy! Go to the Workouts section in the SEO tab of your menu. From there, choose the workout “Clean up your unlinked content to make sure people find it” and start working towards great SEO fitness.

Alternatively, you can find the orphaned content filter in your post overview. If you click on the orphaned content filter it will show you all the posts that don’t have any internal links pointing towards them.

orphaned content filter on yoast.com

It’s a quick way to keep an overview and check which posts and pages are orphaned. Then you can add links to these pages, so both Google and your users can find them!

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