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How to respond to online reviews of your business

4 December 2017 by Marieke van de Rakt » - 10 Comments

ratings and reviews

Online reviews are important for any local business. They’ve become essential in local search strategies. Having positive reviews and ratings will help in attracting traffic, both to your website as well as to your local business. Should you respond to positive reviews? And what about the negative ones? Here, I’ll give you lots of tips »

Category: Content SEO

Ask Yoast: Using a TLD as part of your brand?

1 December 2017 by Joost de Valk » - 10 Comments

Ask Yoast: emojis and SEO

Branding plays a vital role in the success of your business. We’ve written about branding several times on this site, for instance, the 5 tips on branding and Low-budget branding for small businesses articles. Your domain name should also be a part of your brand. But should you buy one of those fancy new TLDs »

Category: Technical SEO

What does the redirects manager in Yoast SEO do?

30 November 2017 by Edwin Toonen » - 13 Comments

which redirect - delete a page

The redirects manager in Yoast SEO Premium is a real lifesaver. It’s a feature we at Yoast use many times a day. Once you used it for a while, you wonder how you ever lived without it. The redirects manager makes everyday website optimization and maintenance a piece of cake. It takes care of all »

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How to connect Google Search Console to Yoast SEO and fix errors

29 November 2017 by Michiel Heijmans » - 19 Comments

search console yoast seo fi

In our plugin, you can connect Google Search Console to Yoast SEO. This verifies your website for your Google Search Console account and allows you to view your crawl errors. Especially when you have a large site, the number of crawl errors might scare you. In this post, I’ll explain a bit more about crawl »

Categories: Technical SEO, WordPress
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Readability ranks!

27 November 2017 by Marieke van de Rakt » - 26 Comments

Readability ranking factor

Does it pay off to write a text that is nice and easy to read? Will readable content lead to higher rankings and more traffic? Is readability a ‘ranking factor’? At Yoast, we are strong believers in writing texts that are nice and easy to read. We’ve developed an entire tool to help people write »

Category: Content SEO
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Video backgrounds suck and should be banned from your website

26 November 2017 by Michiel Heijmans » - 29 Comments

Ask Yoast case study: renting holiday home

“I just love those video backgrounds and we need them on our new website.” No, you don’t. “They are so engaging and set a friendly mood.” No, they don’t. “It’s an amazing new feature and it helps conversion.” No, it doesn’t. Besides that, the conversation is annoying me. Video backgrounds suck big time. Our good »

Category: User eXperience (UX)

Search and SEO in 2018

25 November 2017 by Joost de Valk » - 22 Comments


2018 is coming soon and people are starting to ask: what’s new? What should we do to keep up with changes in search and specifically in SEO in 2018? In this post, I’ll sum up the biggest changes in our world, and what you should be working on. The search landscape is changing Over the »

Categories: Content SEO, Technical SEO
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Ask Yoast: Yoast SEO premium features explained

24 November 2017 by Joost de Valk » - 5 Comments

Ask Yoast: emojis and SEO

As most of you will agree, the free version of Yoast SEO is already an awesome plugin. So, we understand that many of you frugal site owners and bloggers may be a bit reluctant to ‘splurge’ on Yoast SEO Premium. What more could the premium version have to offer? Well, as a matter of fact, »

Categories: Content SEO, Technical SEO
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Stop pleasing Google!

24 November 2017 by Michiel Heijmans » - 23 Comments

Stop pleasing Google

Over the last couple of months, I attended some events, for instance, our own YoastCon, which was awesome! The thing that kept echoing in my head was the vast misunderstanding a lot of people have about websites and Google. One of my firm beliefs is that Google is becoming more and more ‘human,’ and should »

Category: Content SEO
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Welcome to the new Yoast Academy

23 November 2017 by Melina Reintjens »

Academy Yoast

Yoast’s mission is SEO for everyone, and one way we work towards that is by providing knowledge on all aspects of SEO to everyone. Our blog has a wealth of knowledge, but it can be quite overwhelming: where to start? To help people easily learn all about a particular aspect of SEO, we also offer »

Category: Announcements