Low-budget branding for small businesses

Over the last year, we’ve written quite a bit about branding. Branding is often associated with investing lots of money in marketing and promotion. Branding is about getting people to relate to your company and products. Branding is about trying to make your brand synonym for a certain product or service. This can be a lengthy and hard project. It can potentially cost you all of your revenue. However, for a lot of small business owners, the investment in branding will have to be made with a relatively small budget. In this post, I’ll share my thoughts on how to go about your own low-budget branding. 

Brand values

Branding with a limited budget starts with defining your company’s and your brand’s values. You need to think about what you, as a brand, want to communicate to the world. This is obviously totally free, provided you are capable of doing this yourself. It’s a pretty hard task when you think of it. It’s about your mission, the things that make your brand your brand. Brand values relate to Cialdini’s seventh principle, Unity.

My favorite example illustrating that unity is outdoor brands like Patagonia and The North Face, which make you feel included in their business ‘family’. We are all alike, share the same values. By being able to relate to these brands and their values, we are more enticed to buy their products. It’s a brand for us, outdoor people.

Take some time to define your brand values. That way you’re able to communicate your main message in a clear and consistent way. It makes your marketing all the easier. You’ll be able to create brand ambassadors, even on a budget.

Come up with a proper tagline

Now that you have defined your brand values, it’s time to summarize all of this into one single tagline. WordPress’ mission is to “democratize publishing“. In your tagline, you reflect your values and combine these with your added value for the customer, user or visitor. Again, be consistent. If you set a tagline, your actions and products should relate to that tagline, actually even be based upon it. It summarizes your business.

Rethink your logo

Having a great logo is essential. When designing that logo, you’ll have to keep in mind that it’s probably something you’ll have for years. It’s the main thing – besides yourself – that will trigger (brand) recognition. Not that you will never be allowed to change your logo, but don’t ‘just’ add a logo. Think about how it stands out from other logos, for instance on a local sponsor board. We actually did this with our current one.

Design that logo, print it, stick it on your fridge for a week or so, and see if there’s anything about it that starts to annoy you. If so, back to the drawing board. Feel like you don’t relate to it in terms of business values or even personality? Back to the drawing board. When talking about low-budget branding, designing a great logo is probably your most expensive task.

We still haven’t spent that much money, right? But then, we just designed the basis.

Online low-budget branding

You might be a local bakery with 10 employees, or a local industrial company employing up to 500 people. These all can be qualified as ‘small business’. All have the same main goal when they start: the need to establish a name in their field of expertise. There are multiple ways to do this, without a huge budget. Low-budget branding is facilitated by the surplus of social media. Low-budget branding is possible because of all the blogs that relate to your niche.


I do a lot of local networking, because I really like the city we live in, and the huge variety of entrepreneurs that work in Wijchen (our hometown). During network meetings, one of the phrases I often hear is: “Social media is just costing me too much time”. To be honest, it might be wise to stop whining about the costs and start seeing the revenue social media can bring you. It really is the easiest and probably one of the cheapest ways to promote your brand. Basically, it costs you time and time alone (depending on how aggressively you want to use the medium). 

Share your expertise

Twitter is used to keep in touch with like-minded business owners. Discover the huge number of Facebook groups in your area, and/or in your field of expertise. Bond with people that share the same values. Feel free to answer questions in your field of business, be sure to do this with confidence. Position yourself as the to-go-to company for these questions. Help people that way and create brand ambassadors.

Scary? No. But you really have to put some effort in establishing your position. It won’t happen overnight. Before we became a business, Joost was already sharing content/expertise and our open source software. He engaged actively in forum and social media discussions about WordPress and SEO. Commenting on other people’s blogs. Time before revenue: 8 years. I’m not saying you need to wait eight years before making money with your passion. But I do think that you should be able to write, comment and take a stand in topics that matter to you from the start.

Make yourself visible

Eventually, it all comes back to business values. Everything you communicate should reflect these values. It’ll give you guidelines and will make sure your message is delivered in the same way, always. Low-budget branding might be just about that: making yourself visible, in a consistent way.

Any additions and your own experiences in this are welcome.

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13 Responses to Low-budget branding for small businesses

  1. Djungelboken 2016
    Djungelboken 2016  • 3 years ago

    Great info for branding in small business.

  2. Mark Narusson
    Mark Narusson  • 3 years ago

    I think one of the big issues with startup businesses is that they don’t invest in a good quality designer. Hence the brand doesn’t hit the mark and their business suffers because of it. Don’t try and cut corners… good design is an investment for the long term.

  3. Brian
    Brian  • 3 years ago

    Hey bro, sorry out of topic.

    Do you still recommended us Websynthesis Hosting?

    i see you don’t use synthesis hosting anymore. And, you prefer to use Webhost from WP-Engine?

    could you clarify this.
    thanks so much

    • Michiel Heijmans

      I’d check into SiteGround. Thanks for reminding us that our hosting page needs to be updated :)

  4. Roy SEO
    Roy SEO  • 3 years ago

    This article is great and gives good ideas. The problem is that most small business owners are very busy working in their business and working on their business is really a challenge because of a lack of ressources. It might be money but also time, energy or expertise. To leverage these ressources, small business owners might want to invest instead of trying to be superhumans and do everything. The most important thing if they choose to invest is that they get a solid return on their investment (ROI).

    • Michiel Heijmans

      True. The underlying problem is that most small businesses just don’t see the potential (yet). The ones that do, take time for this.

  5. The Edge of Seventeen
    The Edge of Seventeen  • 3 years ago

    Nice tips Michiel.. Thanks

  6. Loyalflow
    Loyalflow  • 3 years ago

    This is the time of knowledge sharing. Whatever your business category is, your brand is how much you share your expertise through writing, videos, images. The more you share, the more you get. It takes time, but it’s worthed.

  7. ??????
    ??????  • 3 years ago

    thanks Michiel for tips

  8. zirsakht seo
    zirsakht seo  • 3 years ago

    Hello Yoast Team :-)
    Thank you. You mention to important issues.
    This is a big challenge for small businesses.
    Best regards.

  9. Nouweb
    Nouweb  • 3 years ago

    We get comments all the time of Social Marketing taking up too much time, and personally I agree. Surely you can get your money worth of the time you spend, but this really depends on the business you’re in. If your business is very labour intensive and requires you to physically be there with full attention. For example a normal bakery would to have that time to spend or even the knowledge. A baker is a baker, all of the above items mentioned are separate professions on their own.
    I believe soon more and more people will start hiring some sort of SEO service to help them out… All of these things are easy to say but much harder to actually do (and do it right). Reason why 99% of websites is still very basic (to be nice)…

  10. sudeepa
    sudeepa  • 3 years ago

    Great info you shared thank you so much for sharing.

    • Nick
      Nick  • 3 years ago

      Thank you for great tips. Also, according to my experience, it is very important to register a domain for 5 years or even more. I believe that doing so you will show the world that you are serious about your business.
      I’d also noted the speed of opening pages as a very important factor.