Common mistakes in all areas of SEO

Are you struggling with SEO? A great place to start is ensuring you’re not making the mistakes people often make when optimizing. Here is a complete overview of all kinds of common mistakes to avoid. All you need to work towards flawless SEO!

SEO common mistakes

The 6 most common SEO mistakes
Wondering why you’re not ranking #1 for your focus keywords in Google? You might just be making one of the mistakes a lot of site owners make. Many sites, from the small local businesses to the big corporate ones, are making similar mistakes. Here, we’ll give you an overview of the SEO issues we encounter most frequently. Of course, we’ll also explain how to avoid or solve these SEO don’ts. Check this list and make sure you’re not making any of these mistakes!

avoid these keyword research mistakes

Common keyword research mistakes
Thinking about the keywords you want to rank for is really the first and foremost step you need to take for your SEO strategy. Still, keyword research can be quite daunting. So, which keyword research mistakes should you avoid at all times? In this post, we’ll take you through the most common keyword research mistakes people seem to be making. Avoiding these mistakes will help you to set up a successful keyword research strategy.

don't make these seo copywriting mistakes

5 SEO copywriting errors you should avoid
Copywriting is a crucial element of every SEO strategy. High-quality content is what helps you rank and sets your site apart from all the other sites out there. So, you’ll want to do SEO copywriting the right way. Preferably without making any fatal mistakes. Want to know what not to do when you’re writing SEO copy? Let’s have a look at five mistakes to avoid!

Site structure mistakes

Avoid these 5 site structure blunders
If you take your SEO – and users – seriously, you’ll be working on a kick-ass site structure. But, setting up a decent site structure can be difficult. Maintaining a solid site structure when your site is growing, is even harder. It’s easy to overlook something or make a mistake. In this post, we’ll share 5 common site structure mistakes people often make. Make sure to avoid all of these!

Link building what not to do

Link building don’ts you didn’t know about
A lot of link building strategies can backfire, causing more damage than doing good. If you want to improve your ranking in the long term, use a holistic SEO strategy, and avoid certain link building tactics. In this post, we’ll discuss some link building DON’Ts: tactics you should most definitely NOT use. Some of these, you probably already know about; I’ll cover those first. Then, let’s move to 5 less well known – but equally important – don’ts.

great contact pages

Five annoying contact page mistakes
If your business website’s goal is to get in touch with (potential) customers, you should avoid contact page mistakes. It’s detrimental to UX if your visitors end up struggling to contact you. And believe me, that’s not good for you either! Here, we’ll mention five contact pages mistakes you should definitely try to avoid.