Yoast SEO 4.7: Introducing Italian

Yoast SEO now supports transition words for the Italian language so the content analysis feature can give you more detailed information about the readability of your post. This is the first step in providing full support for Italian. The Insights and Internal Linking Suggestion features will soon follow. We’ve also added a new check to see if your post has at least one internal link. Find out what else we’ve done in Yoast SEO 4.7!

First Italian addition: transition words

Transition words – or signal words – are words that guide your readers in a text. These words show that you are summarizing, comparing or concluding something. Words like because, as a result, and most of all are the cement in your text. Use these to create a pleasant, easy to read article. Yoast SEO’s readability analysis checks the use of transition words in a variety of languages, and we’re adding a new one in Yoast SEO 4.7: Italian.

It is the first step in supporting Italian for our other helpful features, like Insights and Internal Linking Suggestions. These two features use Yoast SEO’s knowledge and command of a language to give you more information on how often you use certain words. These insights are used to suggest internal links that would be an excellent fit for the article you are currently writing. With these tools, working on your site structure becomes as easy as pie. Full support for Italian will arrive in the coming months.

Building a solid site structure should be an essential part of your SEO strategy. One way of building a site structure is by creating relevant internal links to other parts of your site. In Yoast SEO 4.6, we added a checkbox to determine if a certain article is a cornerstone article. These articles should form the basis of your site. All other, relevant posts should link to these articles.

Our newest addition to the site structure checks is the internal link checker: this check appears in the regular list of bullets and will warn you if your new post doesn’t seem to have any internal links.

We’d like to speak more languages

Yoast SEO is gradually speaking more languages, but we’re not ready yet. Not by a long shot. If your mother tongue is missing or has incomplete support and you’d like to help us understand it better, please contact us at the following address: support@yoast.com


In Yoast SEO 4.7, we’ve also fixed numerous bugs and made several enhancements. As always, you can find the full changelog on WordPress.org. We hope you enjoy this new release. Hit that update button!

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  1. Interiored
    Interiored  • 7 years ago

    I prefer the English one only and i am amazed to see the performance of my wordpress site after using the Yoast SEO plugin. I used All in one seo in the past but Yoast SEO plugin is proving as the best option for my WordPress site. Thanks for making this plugin :)

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    Natty | Prepagos Neiva  • 7 years ago

    Esta casilla de los enlaces intrernos es para clientes premiun? en el gratuito no visualizo las casillas.

  3. vishal yadav
    vishal yadav  • 7 years ago

    was looking for best seo plugin for my blog, and
    finally i found yoast seo and i am totally satisfied with
    this plugin.. thanks to yoast team..

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    vivek kumar  • 7 years ago

    yoast seo is the best plugin, whenever i make new blog on WordPress my priority is to install yoast seo

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    Tabung pemadam api  • 7 years ago

    Yoast perfect for seo services.

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    Blasco-net  • 7 years ago

    Great news. Thank you for your commitment.

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    I am always wait for your plugin Yoest new version because I am excited, what is new in this version.