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Yoast internal linking and why you should use it

Some time ago, we released our internal linking tool in Yoast SEO Premium. The internal linking tool will help you to link to related content. It will find related posts for you, and it will become much easier to link from your post to these related articles. Using our tool systematically will help you improve the structure of your website.

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Why is internal linking important?

Internal linking is important for SEO. In order to make sure your content is findable, content just needs to be linked to. In the original PageRank algorithm, internal and external links were both equally important. This algorithm will probably have changed over time. Nevertheless, internal links are still an important ranking factor.

In addition, linking related content also serves another goal. It shows Google that certain content on your site is related. You can even tell Google what’s the most important article, on this particular topic, that you have on your site. You can do so by linking to this main article from all your other articles on the same topic. We call this main article cornerstone content, and we also wrote about how to incorporate it on your site. Smart internal linking can push this article up in the search results.

On top of that – or perhaps in the first place – linking related content simply makes sense to do for your visitor. If they’re interested in a particular topic, chances are that they’d like to read more about the same topic on your site.

Why every writer will benefit from our tool

While writing one of my previous posts, I literally stumbled upon our new tool in the WordPress backend. The suggestions of the internal link tool really surprised me. I know the importance of links, but I usually link to my own articles (as I know these articles best). I also tend to link to the most recent articles, and often forget about articles I wrote some time ago.

The internal linking feature of Yoast SEO Premium gave me the suggestion to link to one of Michiel’s articles and to one of my own articles I almost forgot about. Both of these articles were better matches to the blog post I was writing, than the posts I would have linked to if I had not used our new tool.

If your website becomes large, it’s just not possible to remember everything you and your colleagues wrote. The internal linking tool is a great help in picking those articles that fit your new post best. In the end, it’ll help you to set up a great site structure by connecting related content to each other.

In my case, it’ll help me to link to those articles written by Joost or Michiel. It’ll remind me of a related blog post I wrote some time ago. It’ll improve the structure of the website, which will have its impact on the ranking of our site. And, it’ll improve the User eXperience, because our audience will easily find the most relevant content to them!

How does it work?

In the sidebar of your WordPress backend, you’ll find our suggestions for internal links:

Yoast internal linking tool

You either click on these links and check out the article (it’ll open in a new tab), but you can also easily copy and paste these links into your text. In most browsers, you’ll even be able to drag and drop as well. Read more about using this tool, or check out our screencast if you want to see for yourself how easy it is:

So go ahead and start interlinking your posts!

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6 Responses to Why you should use Yoast internal linking

  1. Onlinepluz
    Onlinepluz  • 3 years ago

    Very Nice of Yoast. This will defiantly reduce bounce rate.

  2. Don Peterson
    Don Peterson  • 3 years ago

    What makes the Web the ‘Web’ is its infinitely interlinked structure. All else being equal, a web page with a good interlinked structure will outperform a web page with no links. This is a great addition to Yoast SEO. Thanks!

  3. Don Peterson
    Don Peterson  • 3 years ago

    What makes the Web the ‘Web’ is its infinitely interlinked structure. All else being equal, a web page with a good interlinked structure will outperform a web page with no links. This is a great addition to Yoast SEO. Thanks!

  4. MND
    MND  • 3 years ago

    Internal linking is great for SEO, but in my opinion it might make the website annoying to use. In many cases people create a link in every second line which creates a distraction from reading an article.

    • Sammy
      Sammy  • 3 years ago

      Totally agree at this point,internal linking is better option for search ranking but sometimes overdue make distraction for readers but here are some bloggers which use it wisely. So use it by focusing on users also.

  5. Calin
    Calin  • 3 years ago

    Internal linking is quite useful not only in terms visitors experience as he can check the related topics which may directly link to the current post but also plays role in providing good rankings in search engines.