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Note: this video is rather old. While a lot of what I cover is still true, I have since released a WordPress SEO plugin and a Video SEO plugin that you might want to check out.

I spoke at A4UExpo London last year and will be speaking at the upcoming A4UExpo Amsterdam. One of the sessions I had in the last A4UExpo was the session on WordPress SEO & Optimisation strategies. That entire session was taped, and the A4UExpo guys have been kind enough to allow me to embed it here and show it to all of you, so, please, enjoy!

If you’re more of a reader than a visual type, try my article on WordPress SEO.

WordPress SEO video


WordPress SEO slides

Here are the slides that go with this presentation:

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83 Responses

  1. Kevin BossBy Kevin Boss on 27 January, 2009

    Very informative video – thanks for sharing.

  2. RadomirBy Radomir on 27 January, 2009

    Great presentation, very informative….. and what a great English accent ! Dat hoor je niet vaak meer :) It’s all American nowadays, damn those bloody funny sitcoms…. just joking, english humor still takes the cake !

  3. Sonny GillBy Sonny Gill on 28 January, 2009

    Great presentation and super useful tips – I blame you if my browser crashes now that I have a dozen tabs open :)

  4. William MuncriefBy William Muncrief on 28 January, 2009

    Thank you for this very informative and well put together training post. I am very grateful for all of the many strategies, plugins, and personal insights that you shared here.

    Heres to Joost the WordPress Yoda!


  5. Daniel Craig JallitsBy Daniel Craig Jallits on 28 January, 2009

    That was probably one of the most informative presentations on SEO and WordPress I have seen to date. Thanks Joast!

  6. Doug LampiBy Doug Lampi on 28 January, 2009

    This will become one of the standard training videos that I send my clients to!
    It’s the most understandable talk on SEO I’ve seen!

    Many thanks Yoast!

  7. TommyBy Tommy on 28 January, 2009

    Wow… that video is like a kickstart-tutorial for beginners in the blogosphere and very informative for professionals too.. thanks alot :)

  8. MatthewBy Matthew on 28 January, 2009

    Thanks for this, this is a great recap for us newbies

  9. Jeff WigginsBy Jeff Wiggins on 29 January, 2009

    Fantastic video. As a newbie to SEO, you’ve given me a lot of great tips. Thanks.

  10. DitoBy Dito on 29 January, 2009

    Thanks for the helpful video

  11. MatejBy Matej on 30 January, 2009

    About WordPress SEO, isn’t it wrong that post title links to the actual post – when you are already on this post?

  12. Super Awesome GuyBy Super Awesome Guy on 30 January, 2009

    That is great! Thanks, I have a number of blogs in the works and one live, so I want to get this all down stat before taking the others live and I believe this will really help me out.

  13. NiMaLBy NiMaL on 30 January, 2009

    Great presentation and really useful tips…
    I’m gonna try in couple of my blogs ..

  14. Tour Golf BlogBy Tour Golf Blog on 30 January, 2009

    Great video. Thanks for all of the tips. I’m going to get going on those immediately.

  15. RickBy Rick on 30 January, 2009

    Thanks for the great video. Some very useful information, I’ll have to post this one for my readers.

  16. FrankBy Frank on 31 January, 2009

    Great talk there Joost! Incredibly helpful keep up the great work

  17. Olivia BellBy Olivia Bell on 31 January, 2009

    Brilliant video – I’m half way through and had to stop so I could read your WordPress SEO post – brilliant!! I’ve been going through all of your tips today, very helpful, thank you! :)

  18. James Allen JohnsonBy James Allen Johnson on 3 February, 2009

    Joost. Very informative video. Its nice to see someone giving a professional video on the WordPress Platform. I’ve posted your video on my site, as you’ve already seen. I think its a great WordPress Optimization Tutorial and I know my readers have enjoyed it over the last few days.

  19. Jeff DempseyBy Jeff Dempsey on 3 February, 2009

    Great speech and a good refresher.

  20. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 3 February, 2009

    Thx for all the GREAT comments, glad to see you all liked it!!

  21. taniBy tani on 4 February, 2009

    Great presentation and really useful tips…

  22. seoinseo.infoBy seoinseo.info on 6 February, 2009

    That’s Great,dude.

  23. malcolm colesBy malcolm coles on 6 February, 2009

    On changing your permalink structure to be /%postname%/, have you seen this: http://dougal.gunters.org/blog/2009/02/04/efficient-wordpress-permalinks/

  24. Pirincho CrespoBy Pirincho Crespo on 7 February, 2009

    The more I learn about WordPress the more I like it, Thanks!

    • DanyBy Dany on 10 February, 2009

      The Search Reload plugin is only for Semilogic users, is not free. Can you recommend another one
      Thanks for the videos.

  25. Y. StevenBy Y. Steven on 11 February, 2009

    Thank you so much for that video, it gives me a thought to think about and thank you to all who share their link here

  26. Robert BarrBy Robert Barr on 14 March, 2009

    Where did the video go???

  27. David OberstBy David Oberst on 19 March, 2009

    Where did the WordPress SEO video go? Any one?

    • Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 19 March, 2009

      We’re bringing it back soon, Vimeo shut the A4U guys down as they were “using Vimeo for commercial purposes”…

  28. Ask HybelBy Ask Hybel on 23 March, 2009

    Very good and informativ video…thanks.

  29. NewserBy Newser on 25 March, 2009

    awesome vidz, is that really you? woh you reallly are a great speaker kudos to you.

  30. tari khanBy tari khan on 4 April, 2009

    Great video Yoast! I learned tons. Are there any good WordPress theme templates you would recommend, that are good for SEO? What do you think of the Revolution theme is it easy to tweak? have heard of uniquelogdesigns.com templates which is used by some big marketers?

  31. AndreiBy Andrei on 8 April, 2009

    Very interesting post, Yoast :)

  32. JohnluffaBy Johnluffa on 25 April, 2009

    I actually enjoyed learning SEO today and the importance of it. – So much Plugins to install though…
    Hopefully, I shall start to see results of these updates.
    Wished I saw this tutorial before I started out on WordPress. I would recommend the following steps to a newbie:

    Step one – Get a WP Theme.
    Step two – Get your house in order – Make your site ‘search engine’ and ‘visitor’ friendly…SEO it.
    Step three – Network & Make friends.

    Thank you Joost

  33. Jon B. @ Baby PushchairsBy Jon B. @ Baby Pushchairs on 14 May, 2009

    Hi Joost,

    Really keen to watch this video, but it hasn’t been up for at least the last two days. Is it coming back soon?


  34. AnaBy Ana on 17 May, 2009

    What happened to the video :( ?

  35. Costa TropicalBy Costa Tropical on 10 June, 2009


    Hopefully you are busy getting things going over at Studiopress with Graham – but if you have a second do you know if the video is posted anywhere else on the web??? I’ll be back!!


  36. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 12 June, 2009

    The Video is BACK, enjoy! :)

  37. Subraya MallyaBy Subraya Mallya on 14 June, 2009

    The most informative SEO optimization information I saw on the net. Thanks a lot for sharing Joost.

  38. Bargainmoose CanadaBy Bargainmoose Canada on 18 June, 2009

    Video freezes at 15.38 … is it just me?

  39. HendriBy Hendri on 18 July, 2009

    Can anybody tell me, how to download this video. I really need but my internet connecton to slow to see this video. Please upload to popular sharing hosting like mediafire or rapidshare. Thanks

  40. Simple ThemesBy Simple Themes on 31 July, 2009

    Thanks for posting this video. I’d love to hear you if you ever visit the US.

  41. MediaGroundBy MediaGround on 4 August, 2009

    The video service you’ve uploaded your video to is the worst I have ever seen. It didn’t load with FireFox, and video download tools couldn’t download it too.

  42. Download VideoBy Download Video on 5 August, 2009

    For users having problems with the video, you can download the video using http://clipnabber.com
    copy the URL of the video ( http://vimeo.com/5130637 ) to the text box, then click Nab Video! then use FLV download link to download it. The video is a 148MB MP4 format. Try to view it using an FLV player, or download some codecs package and install and try to view using Windows Media Player. If you don’t see the video frames and hear just the audio, try some other video player because the downloaded video isn’t missing anything.

  43. OpenSourceBy OpenSource on 6 August, 2009

    If you believe in open source then you should not mind providing the video as download. I can’t believe that you disallowed my comment that was intended to help users download the video for their convenience. But maybe you believe that as part of the SEO work you don’t want users to download the video so that each time they want to view it they go to your site :D

  44. CanadaBoyBy CanadaBoy on 20 August, 2009

    Hey Joost, thanks for the video, it was awesome. Why didn’t you finish your first degree? (Out of curiosity). Anyway thanks for the tips.

  45. jpondryBy jpondry on 24 August, 2009

    I learn more from this 1 hours with you on your video than I did in the past 3 weeks from other sources. Already bookmarked your site to follow deligently. Next to learn more on setting Google Alerts and that twitter ego search you were talking about. It’s people like you that inspire newbies like us. This morning I was on the verge of giving up on my blog with no traffic. Now I am inspired to give it another try.

  46. KayBy Kay on 3 October, 2009

    I used to hate WordPress but now i liked it so much because i learn many important skill here.
    Thank you so much. Keep it up.

  47. mktannyBy mktanny on 10 October, 2009

    you simply rock sir,hats off to u ,if you would like to make this a better place to live please consider doing some of this

  48. Jimmy Thakkar website analysisBy Jimmy Thakkar website analysis on 15 October, 2009

    Great video.

    Can i embed it on my blog ?

    Is it available on youtube ?


  49. seoBy seo on 19 October, 2009

    Sir, you need to update your perspective about “nofollow”, I need to know about your opinion about it, now that Google changed the way it looks at it.

    see these please:

    What do you think we should do? about comments, login, disclaimer pages, internal linking in general, and external linking.

  50. ScottBy Scott on 12 November, 2009

    Great stuff! Thank you!

  51. Joost de ValkBy Joost de Valk on 19 March, 2009

    We’re bringing it back soon! As I said below, Vimeo shut the A4U guys down as they were “using Vimeo for commercial purposes”…


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